Moore to the Point – What a Cluster

One of the bigger news stories emerging from last week was the decision by the Biden administration to send cluster bombs to Ukraine to assist in its war effort against Russia. The announcement raised eyebrows not only because of widespread objection to the use of the weapons — including by this administration previously — but also the rationale for the decision expressed by the president.

Defending the decision, Joe Biden told CNN that we’re running low on ammunition — which seems like a rather unwise piece of info to share with a world in which not just Russia, but China — and others — are licking their chops at the prospect of a weakened U.S.

Beyond that, Biden’s own team has previously characterized the use of these types of weapons as potential war crimes, so the sudden about-face on using them begs the obvious question: Are they only criminal when used by enemies, but just hunky dory when used by allies?

Setting aside the Biden team’s hypocrisy, I find it fascinating the number of talking heads and media types who previously condemned these weapons but now find their use justifiable because a Democratic administration is suddenly in favor of it. Why, it’s almost like their stances on any given issue — even those involving life and death — are purely a function of partisanship rather than principle. Who’da thunk it?


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  1. NEVER forget that slow joe has also threatened to use nukes against his own people, well at least against us plain old ordinary people anyway. Why would he have any concern about collateral damage ‘over there. BTW, he had no qualms about droning an innocent man AND his family not too long ago,

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