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Salon Writer: We Should Amend the Constitution, Raise the Minimum Age Because Biden Is Doing Great at 80

Biden is a great president because he’s an old man.

You might be surprised to learn that being a demented old coot, and the shouty decrepit head of the creepy, Biden crime family is actually a virtue. On Friday last, Salon published a column by a famous blogger named Heather Digby Parton.

I’ve never heard of her but apparently, she’s famous in the leftist echo chamber. I looked her up. There isn’t much to read. She writes a blog, and contributes to Salon and some other lefts rags. You would have more success getting details on The Washington Post’s favorite muckraker; Heather is a bit of an enigma. No one knows her age but based on a few grainy photos of her, she might have met JFK in person.

After reading her column, I can see why she is beloved by the left. The column waxes on about all the great things Joey has done to America. It’s nothing new, and nothing you haven’t seen pushed by the White House. She made lots of bogus claims, but these three will give you a flavor:

  1. Joe Biden’s legislative achievements include the American Rescue Plan, which staved off an economic collapse and created a massive rollout of life-saving vaccines”
  1. [Joe Biden created] 12 million jobs, the most of any single presidential term in history.
  1. “Gas prices have dropped to less than they were before the pandemic…”

None of those claims are even remotely accurate. The American Rescue Plan, by any matrix, caused inflation to rise and the nation to sink further into trillions more in debt. Not one person able to spark a synapse believes that Biden’s economic boondoggle “staved off an economic collapse”. Even Vox admitted that it caused inflation to skyrocket. The Washington Post admitted that it caused inflation, but bizarrely claimed it was also good for the economy. No, it wasn’t. Had Biden done nothing, the economy would have organically recovered.

Biden didn’t create a massive roll-out of the vaccines, and there is scant evidence the vaccines were “life-saving.” They sure didn’t prevent COVID, even though Biden claimed it would.

No president creates jobs, and the guy in the White House sure didn’t create 12 million of them. Even viewed through the most generous lens, Biden inherited an economy recovering from a forced shut-down. People went back to work. The only thing Biden created was division and further economic hardship.

And number three is so false, it makes my teeth ache. What planet is Heather on? Gas prices dipped as the pandemic hit; after Biden’s policies caused gas prices to skyrocket, they came down a little—but nowhere near levels before his election. I filled one of our cars today: $4.99 a gallon.

Okay, so where was I? Oh, yeah, Heather Digby Parton’s main thesis is that Joe Biden is a swell president. To her, Biden isn’t a demented dummy who, if he isn’t stumbling upstairs, he’s stumbling over words. That same guy’s superpower, according to Heather, is that he’s a leader—an elder statesman.

She wrote:

This past weekend was 80-year-old Harrison Ford reprising his role as Indiana Jones. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, both 79, are about to go on tour again and can be expected to sell out. Paul McCartney at 81 is producing AI Beatles records.

Some people just have a strong life force no matter what their age and if they’re lucky they have wisdom, confidence and judgment too. Joe Biden seems to be among that group and his bucket list is to leave a legacy of major improvements in the way government works. For an old guy, he sure is getting a whole lot done and he wants to do more. The country will be much better off if we let him.

Raise the minimum age in the Constitution, she said, because an 80-year-old Biden has done such a good job.

Sometimes, I read articles like this, and I stop to mumble: “This can’t be real, it has to be a joke—it has to be a parody.”

Nope, Heather is revered by the left. Heather is a big thinker on the left. An award-winning, big thinker. You can tell, can’t you?

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