Joe Biden addresses the White House crowd on the Fourth of July, 7/4/23. (Credit: Eric Bolling/Twitter)

Joe Biden Celebrates the Fourth With Senility, Invisible People, and Comical Brazenness

Another Fourth of July has come and gone, with most people enjoying family and the wonders of the grill. If you made it through without blowing off a body part or setting something on fire, consider it a job well done.

But while you were paying astronomical prices for food and buying the most expensive fireworks in history, the White House was the scene of another “let them eat cake” moment, and in more ways than one.

At what I’d assume was a taxpayer-funded shindig, President Joe Biden took the stage to shoot the bull with the crowd. During that interaction, he managed to run into his old nemesis again. A video shows him apparently getting confused about how to exit a stage again before attempting to play it off as him trying to say “hi” to people who weren’t actually there.

This is fine. It’s all fine.

At one point, he’s literally just staring at the banner behind him, talking to seemingly no one. You know, totally normal things that normal people do. I’m assured that there’s no mental decline happening with Biden. All this is just him being “quirky” and “folksy.” Also, it’s a “stutter.”

That wasn’t really the clip of the festivities at the White House that bothered me the most, though. Rather, it was one of the Bidens watching the fireworks from the balcony. In attendance was none other than Hunter Biden.

The president’s son can be seen smiling and doing that little clap dictators do when they know they’ve got their subjects at heel. The brazenness of the scene is simply breathtaking. Here, we have a man who just plead guilty to multiple crimes via a sweetheart deal that will keep him out of prison (in a situation where anyone else would likely spend years behind bars). Instead of laying low or at least trying to keep up appearances, Hunter Biden is flaunting his power for everyone to see.

He basically lives at the White House, he shows up for state dinners that include the very attorney general supposedly investigating him, and he waves to the peasants during a Fourth of July event. Heck, the notorious drug addict might even be leaving his cocaine laying around the taxpayer-funded mansion he enjoys. When nothing matters, this is what you get. And truly, nothing matters when it comes to politics in our current moment.

There used to at least be an eye toward making people feel like they weren’t just being ruled over by pampered elitists who don’t have to play by the same rules. The Bidens don’t even care about making that presentation. They are special, and they want you to know they are special. They find enjoyment in rubbing it in your face and seeing just how far they can push the matter.

Heck, at this point, I’m fully expecting Hunter Biden to run for office. I’m not being facetious. Keep your eye out because I think it’s coming.

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