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Lawmakers Take Aim at Biden’s F-16 Comments

President Joe Biden doesn’t actually think much of the idea that we need guns to repel tyranny. Despite having been the president who presided over the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan–thus ensuring that we spent two decades and thousands of American lives to replace the Taliban with the Taliban–and thus understanding that lightly-armed troops can be dangerous, he actually said that.

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  1. Biden is nothing more than a lying racist wind bag. His chronic lying, his corrupt actions goes to prove you can’t trust him on anything he says. We all know he can’t make a speech without cue cards or teleprompter just like obama. He can’t find his way off stage without help. The entire world finds him as a pompous nut job and laughs behind his back. All American flags should be flying upside down because this is a! Nation in peril from a wanna be dictator controlled by communists in the back ground.

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