White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claims "Americans feel better" about their finances under Biden. (Credit: Rep. Bob Good/Twitter)

KJP Parrots Nonsense: ‘Americans Feel Better’ About Their Finances’ Because of Biden’s Policies

As I began to write this one, I had a brief moment during which I felt a bit of compassion for beleaguered White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. Yeah, I know— but think about it.

She’s not only in way over her head; she’s reduced daily to trotting out to the White House press room podium to do battle with an increasingly hostile White House press corps and forced to peddle bilge about one of the worst presidents in U.S. history and his equally disastrous administration— ridiculous bilge, that is — written by the same far-left handlers who pull the strings of her clueless boss.

Sure enough, on Monday, KJP was given the daunting task of again lying to the media about how “Americans feel better about their personal finances” under the policies of Joe Biden.

KJP’s hollow, worn-out schtick was almost sad:

Look, 23 million jobs, again, we think about how people feel better about their personal finances; that is important. We think about [how] wages are going up, we think about the really good paying jobs that — union jobs — that his policies are going to create.

Stop the tape. Going to create? When? And the union nonsense? I’m not knocking unionized workers, but, hello — this is 2023, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, just 10.1 percent of wage and salary workers in 2022 were union members.

Memo to archaic Joe Biden and his inept press secretary:

Keep up with the times, guys— it’s 2023 and you people talk like it’s 1963. Look, I get it: as is the case with many if not most Democrat politicians, Biden is beholden to labor unions — he received more money from teachers’ unions in 2020 than any other candidate — for campaign cash. So, please; enough with the labor union nonsense. Besides, nine out of ten working Americans don’t give a damn about labor unions anymore.

As one — a rational one — might expect, KJP’s ridiculous claims were blasted into the middle of next week, with Texas Republican Rep. Wesley Hunt asking: “What world is she living in?” Hunt added:

Inflation is the highest it’s been in 40 years. Nearly 80% of Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction. A vast majority of Americans can’t find $1k in emergency funds. Biden has FAILED America.

Pennsylvania Republican Representative and Deputy House Whip Guy Reschenthaler served up another dish of reality for KJP:

Prices have increased 15.5% and real wages have decreased 3.2% since President Biden took office. Americans are getting crushed because of Biden’s policies.


The beatdown continued, with Virginia Congressman Bob Good delivering the knockout punch:

The only people in America who feel better about their personal finances are the Biden Crime Family.

I bet that left a mark. Just kidding; Biden continues to smirk and laugh the whole thing off.

Another predictable moment came in KJP’s terrible, no good, very bad day of briefing the press came when she was asked to comment on Hunter Biden’s attendance at a White House State Dinner for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi shortly after pleading guilty to (powder puff) federal tax charges.

KJP again went full KJP:

We have laid out very early on in this administration when it comes to ethics, when it comes to how we move about and how … we respect clearly the government ethics here, this administration had been incredibly transparent on that and has put [in place] some very strict rules.

Not only a demonstrable complete crock of crap; that was hilariously idiotic.

Let’s boil it down to just one salient oxymoronic issue. Biden has consistently declared two things. One, he claims he’s never discussed Hunter’s business with the crackhead son. Two, he also categorically declares that his crackhead son “did nothing wrong.” Both of those claims cannot be true.

Moreover, a mounting pile of evidence not only implicates Biden’s direct involvement in his son’s controversial business dealings; it also points to Joe and Hunter receiving “millions of dollars from adversaries all over the world,” not to mention Joe’sinvolvement in the alleged Biden bribery scandal.

Meanwhile, poor, in-over-her-head KJP continues her silly stand-up comedy gig — day in and day out.


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  1. My finances are CRUMBLING, just like most everyone else I know! It all started about two years ago. Doesn’t anyone in the current Administration ever tell the TRUTH?

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