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This Says It All: Hunter Biden Tried to Point a Finger at Someone Else Over the Gun

Hunter Biden got a sweetheart deal from the Department of Justice on tax charges and a gun count that involved him making a false statement on a federal form about his drug use.

That means if the judge ultimately accepts the plea agreement, Hunter is likely to skate without any time served, after all this furor and five years of investigation, with no real action — at least not yet — from the government on anything having to do with Joe Biden and all the alleged influence peddling and foreign business dealings. That’s incredible, given everything that was on the laptop, plus all the other evidence that they could have pursued.

As I noted, what was stunning was that Hunter’s lawyer, Christopher Clark, claimed that in dealing with the government, they never even talked with him about the laptop, which raised a big question: did they even bother to investigate all the things that were on it?

These are big questions that Congress is now going to have to pursue, as it appears left to them to hold people accountable here when the Department of Justice wouldn’t.

We’ve written at length about the things that were revealed on the laptop as well as other evidence, including what happened with the gun and the story about him brandishing the weapon around in front of an alleged hooker, according to reports. Hunter’s texts show that Hallie Biden, Hunter’s dead brother’s wife with whom he was having a relationship at the time, allegedly found the gun and threw it in the trash can behind a grocery store across the street from Alexis I. DuPont High School in Wilmington, Delaware, only to return later and find it gone.

Then there were also questions about the Secret Service being involved. There were reports that agents approached the owner of the shop where Hunter bought the gun. If this is true, that raises a lot of questions that have never been answered about what they were trying to do. The official response was they weren’t protecting Hunter at the time.

But Guy Benson, who is one of our Townhall brethren, pointed out an interesting aspect of the whole background story about the firearm that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. I wanted to mention it out because it says everything about what we know about the Bidens — they are one thing to the Democratic base but something different in reality.

In addition to questioning Hallie, police called Hunter to the scene, where he was questioned outside the store’s loading dock area and explained he used the gun for target practice, according to the report.

At one point, two of Janssen’s employees, described by the police report as “Mexican males,” walked past the loading dock area, and Hunter told a police officer that the store had some suspicious people working for it. Asked if he was referring to those two staffers, Hunter responded, “Yea, prolly illegal,” according to the report.

Talk about a pretty racist comment, right in line with so much of his dad’s history of racist remarks. Yet, these are the folks who want to pretend they truly care about people. Who can forget Joe Biden angrily telling Charlamagne tha God that “you ain’t black” if you haven’t made up your mind to vote for him? Not to mention his decades of other racist statements. And here’s Hunter trying to point the police toward these two guys. This says so much about them. Um, Hunter? You’re the one who alleged something that wasn’t true on the form. It was Hallie who put the gun in the garbage near a school. It’s the Bidens who created all kinds of issues here, not the Mexican guys. But once again, it appears that the Bidens get a pass.

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  1. Enforces one thing, that there is a Law for all of us, and the fact that the high level Democrats can do as they dam well please and ignore any law they encounter with destane. Even when caught red handed, they lie, bend rules, and get off the hook by the DOJ and FBI.

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