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Biden State Dinner: Joe’s Lost, Hunter’s Laughing, and Jill’s Struggling With Her Dress

As we reported earlier, the Biden team is just laughing in our faces about their corruption scandal as Hunter Biden — and other Biden family members — were invited to the state dinner with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. When asked about it earlier in the week, Joe Biden said he was “proud of his son,” and he ducked other questions.

But you can see that Hunter is having a great time at the state dinner, knowing he got a sweet deal, laughing and kissing with the other “distinguished guests.” This is just something else. Yet, here are all these folks just sucking up to this character. It’s just incredible when you consider the things he’s done.

They don’t seem to give a darn about what he’s done or what he may be guilty of. All they seem to care about is who they think has the connection to the power now.

Then there was Jill Biden. She had to hold onto the wall as she struggled down the stairs in her Ralph Lauren dress. When the dress is too tight and too long, maybe that’s not the best choice. The close-up showed just how awkward it was, and they all looked so stiff, particularly Jill at the end. Meanwhile, Joe has no clue and does nothing to assist her down the stairs. She’s his handler, yet he does not help her. He just stands there looking confused.

There was more Biden confusion after the toasts between the two leaders when Biden asked, “Where are we?”

He once again seems to have no idea where he’s supposed to be going. He’s constantly lost, trying to find his way off the stage and needing direction to figure it out. If he didn’t have handlers telling him what to do at every moment, he would be completely at sea. Yet this is the guy who is allegedly the leader of the free world? This is the guy the Democrats are putting forward for 2024, and trying to block out other competitors by not even having a debate. This is why China is making threatening moves against the United States, from spy balloons to bases in Cuba. It’s because Xi thinks they can roll right over this guy.

When Biden met Modi before the dinner, he also made a weird comment. “Don’t fall!” he called out to someone in front of him.

It’s not clear what he was referencing. He frequently makes the weird comment, “Don’t jump!” But in this case, maybe he should take his own advice, since he’s the one who seems to have an issue of tripping and falling or almost falling, from going up airplane steps to tripping on the stage.

As Biden holds this state dinner — throwing his son, the scandals, and the two-tiered system of justice in our faces — just being able to buy basic groceries has skyrocketed under Joe Biden. Biden and the Democrats don’t care as long as they can hold onto power. They have no shame. But we can still see who they are, no matter how they try to spin it.

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