JOHN NOLTE 20 Jun 2023

Nolte: Wall Street Bets Against Democrat-Run Downtowns

Wall Street is now betting against America’s Democrat-run downtowns ever recovering from being run exclusively by Democrats.

“Wall Street is betting against America’s [Democrat-run] downtowns,” writes the Wall Street Journal.

“Investors are paying less for bonds linked to New York subways and buses,” says the report. “Downtown-focused real-estate investment trusts trade at less than half their prepandemic levels. Bondholders are demanding extra interest to hold office-building debt.”

Downtowns have been a mother lode for American cities over the years, providing billions of dollars in tax revenue along with their distinctive skylines. In turn, investors who bet on downtown office towers, or on the trains and buses delivering workers to them, could generally trust they held a winning hand.
Now, with white-collar workers spending more time in their home offices, a phenomenon that shows few signs of ending, investments linked to downtowns are trading at falling prices in volatile markets.

And which downtowns are we talking about? Democrat-run Houston. Democrat-run Chicago. Democrat-run Los Angeles. Democrat-run San Francisco. Democrat-run New York.

Does anyone see a pattern emerging here?

“Investors’ dimming view of downtowns isn’t good news for [Democrat-run] cities’ finances, nor for their residents,” continues the report. “It puts under strain some of [Democrat-run] city governments’ traditional ways of extracting wealth: collecting property taxes on office buildings, taxes on wages earned within city limits, and fares from office workers’ commutes.”

One analyst described it this way: “You could see this as a slow-motion change or as the beginning of a slow-moving train wreck.”Things are so bad in Democrat-run New York; the library is preparing to close down one day a week in order to save money.According to one tracking group, Democrat-run downtown office buildings “are only about 50% as full as before Covid-19 across 10 major [Democrat-run] metro areas[.]”

 As the great Ace of Spades once wrote: It was the fucking aroundest of times. It was the finding outest of times.
All in an effort to beat Trump in 2020, these Democrat Sociopaths shut down their cities, shut down their schools, released violent criminals, and allowed the domestic terrorists in Black Lives Matter and Antifa to run wild.

What did they expect? That after Rapey Joe was installed, everything would return to normal? Idiots.

I’ll tell you exactly what happened… 1) people discovered they enjoyed working from home, 2) companies discovered it was much cheaper to allow employees to work from home, 3) parents discovered Republicans don’t cause havoc by closing schools, and (most importantly), 4) people discovered that Democrats are willing to use any excuse to unleash chaos, disrupt the lives of citizens, and grab dictatorial power they wield without mercy or reason (liquor stores open, churches, gyms, and schools closed). So, people fled.

People complain about the rat race, the rut, and routine; that’s why they enjoy shows like The Walking Dead; it allows them to fantasize about breaking the routine with a little adventure. But the excitement wore off pretty quickly when the reality of that “adventure” hit with the lockdowns.

People missed their dull, uneventful lives and grew to appreciate them. But now that power-mad Democrats have proven they are willing to throw a grenade at our gloriously dull and uneventful lives, people and companies fled.

You see, this is why socialism can only “work” through violence. In a free country like ours, one where we can just pick up and go if we don’t like things, the Woke Reich will always lose. People want to be free. Most of all, they want to be left alone. Above all, they want their children left alone. Only the threat of violence can create a society where people don’t flee, and of course, that threat of violence starts with confiscating every law-abiding citizen’s guns.

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