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Biden: A Pistol Brace Increases Caliber of Bullet Shot

Over the last few days, President Joe Biden hasn’t really done much to alleviate concerns about his mental fitness to fulfill the office. Sure, he’s running for re-election, but we’re not entirely sure he knows he’s running.

His recent “God save the Queen” comments come right before a poll shows that an overwhelming number of Americans just think he’s too old to be president.

But it wasn’t the only bizarre thing to come out of Biden’s mouth while he spoke in Connecticut. As Cam covered on Friday, Biden also opined on pistol braces, and boy, did that go sideways.

So, let me get this straight. If I have an AR pistol chambered in 5.56 and I put a pistol brace on it, it turns that gun into a…what? A .308 or something?

I don’t expect Biden to understand guns, of course. This is a guy who famously advised Americans to get a shotgun for home defense and shoot through the door at a potential intruder. For the record, a number have tried it and the “Biden told me this is what I should do” defense didn’t work with the judges or juries.

His not understanding what a pistol brace does isn’t overly shocking. Even if I believed him to be cogent much of the time, I’d be surprised if he understood what the braces do.

And he isn’t that.

Yet let’s also understand that most Americans don’t understand what pistol braces do, either. To them, it seems entirely plausible that they somehow make guns more dangerous.

What they don’t get is that if I have a pistol and am inclined to use it as a short-barrel rifle for nefarious purposes, I can just slap a stock on there. If one is going to commit murder, I’m pretty sure they’re not that worried about a federal gun charge.

But pistol braces aren’t about that. They allow many disabled Americans to shoot an AR-15-type pistol one-handed. I say disabled because if you only have one hand, well, shooting it one-handed is kind of your only option.

Without a brace, though, it’s kind of impossible to use these firearms accurately.

“What about people putting them up to their shoulders?”

Well, what about it? You can cut a tennis ball and throw it on the back of the buffer tube and shoulder it if you want. If you’re not interested in following the law, you can do all sorts of things. So what if people put the pistol brace up to their shoulders? People do all sorts of things.

Yet what you don’t see, however, are the rounds coming out of these AR-style pistols becoming larger or more powerful because someone put a pistol brace on them.

That’s never happened and Biden is getting roasted for this comment. The problem is that the mainstream media is just ignoring it. They’re not interested in showing that Biden isn’t as with it as Democrats expect you to believe.

And, in fairness, this is the flavor of stupid I’d have expected from him ages ago.

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