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Popcorn Time: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Drops off First Busload of Illegal Aliens in Los Angeles

In this episode of Oh, This Is Gonna Be Good…

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has sent busloads of illegal aliens to “sanctuary cities” Washington, D.C., New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Denver. On Wednesday, the straight-talking governor upped his game: he dropped off the first busload of illegals in downtown Los Angeles.

And, yes — grab the popcorn, pop a squat, and wait for L.A. Mayor Karen Bass and California Gov. Gavin Newsom to further humiliate themselves in hypocritical self-owns of self-righteous indignation.

Abbott on Wednesday announced he bused the group of illegal aliens to downtown Los Angeles. Forty-two illegals, including children, were dropped off at L.A.’s Union Station around 4 p.m. and “cared for by city agencies and charitable organizations,” according to L.A. City Councilmember Kevin de León’s office.

Abbott said the illegals were bused to Los Angeles because of the city’s declaration of itself as a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. And, as the AP notes, the state has “extended protections to illegal immigrants, “even to the extent of allowing them to apply for various state benefits.”

Welp, Cali — sanctuary away, to your hypocritical liberal bleeding heart’s content!

Abbott said in his statement:

Texas’ small border towns remain overwhelmed and overrun by the thousands of people illegally crossing into Texas from Mexico because of President Biden’s refusal to secure the border.

Our border communities are on the frontlines of President Biden’s border crisis, and Texas will continue providing this much-needed relief until he steps up to do his job and secure the border.

Bottom-line truth, Los Angeles: Step up to the plate and deal with it.

On cue, Mayor Bass reacted, predictably calling Abbott’s shipment of illegals “a political stunt,” adding:

This did not catch us off guard, nor will it intimidate us. Los Angeles is not a city motivated by hate or fear and we absolutely will not be swayed or moved by petty politicians playing with human lives.

Yeah, so here’s the thing, Karen:

I suspect that Gov. Abbott had no intention of catching you off-guard, intimidating you, or playing politics with human lives. To borrow paraphrase a famous line from “Gone With the Wind,” Frankly, mayor, Abbott didn’t give a damn about any of the above.

Rich Pedroncelli

What the Lone Star State governor did give a damn about is the same thing he gave a damn about when he bused illegals to D.C., Philly, NYC, Chicago, and Denver: forcing hypocritical Democrat politicians to bear a fraction of the burden the Biden Border Crisis™ has intentionally forced on southern border towns across Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. And, hey— put your money, security, and the security of your city’s people where your sanctuary mouth is, Karen. Otherwise, take a seat; you’re willfully humiliating yourself.

Jorge Mario Cabrera of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights, who spoke to several illegals after they arrived in L.A., moaned to AP (emphasis, mine):

They are being fed; they’re taking shelters; they’re talking to attorneys. “These are migrants that have been allowed by the U.S. to enter because they have credible fears. They have not yet received asylum.

Wrong, Jorge. As word spread that Joe Biden and his equally disastrous administration had all but installed northbound-only people movers along America’s southern border, untold numbers of people from around the world began to make plans to illegally cross into the U.S. via Mexico — not because of “credible fears,” but because most wanted to participate in the good fortunes of America — or the largesse of Democrat policies.

So what about Gov. Hair Gel? Newsom had yet to speak on the arrival of  Abbott’s bus as of this article’s publication. But Newsom being Newsom, he surely will — and his hyperbolic hypocrisy will surely be a sight to behold; it always is.

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