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Newsom’s Gun Control Laws Can’t “End Gun Violence” in California, Much Less the U.S.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has proclaimed that we can “end gun violence” if we only enshrine a few gun control laws like “universal background checks”, bans on firearm possession for adults younger than 21, waiting periods, and an “assault weapons” ban into the U.S. Constitution, but the governor has yet to explain how exactly these laws are supposed to completely eradicate gun-involved crime when they’re already on the books in California and the state is home to plenty of “gun violence.”

A recent shooting in San Francisco is the latest proof that Newsom’s big idea is completely bogus. As the San Jose Mercury News reports, the man police have identified as a suspect in last weekend’s mass shooting in San Francisco’s Mission District is no stranger to the law, but none of California’s dozens of anti-gun statutes have stopped him from allegedly carrying out multiple shootings over the past few months.

A Bay Area man is wanted for involvement in two mass shootings, one on Friday in San Francisco where nine people were injured and the other in January in Oakland where a teen was gunned down and others were struck by bullets during a music video shoot, multiple law enforcement officials said Monday.

Javier Campos Jr., an alleged member of a Bay Area subset for the Sureño gang, was not in police custody as of Monday afternoon. He has been named as a suspect in the Friday mass shooting in San Francisco’s Mission District, as well as the Jan. 23 shooting at a Valero gas station in Oakland during a music video for a Stockton rapper, the sources said. The Oakland shooting occurred after a group of Sureños crashed the set of the video, prompting a shootout between them and a number of alleged Norteño gang affiliates, police say.

Campos, whose whereabouts are unknown, has a warrant for his arrest on assault charges in connection with the Oakland gun battle and is wanted for questioning in the San Francisco shooting, authorities said. Additionally, he has outstanding warrants in San Mateo County.

Campos was out on bail at the time of both shootings after previously being charged in Alameda County last September with illegal possession of a “ghost gun” and several baggies of narcotics. In addition to that case, Campos was also facing two criminal cases in San Mateo County; one involving a scheme to smuggle drugs into the county jail, and the other a felon-in-possession charge for being caught with a gun after a previous felony conviction.

There are now active warrants out for Campos since he failed to show up for his trials in San Mateo last month, but why was Campos allowed out on bail to begin with given the serious nature of the charges he’s facing? And why should anyone believe for a second that Newsom’s proposed 28th Amendment would “end gun violence” when guys like Campos are easily able to get their hands on a firearm in California, despite the state’s “universal” background checks for both firearms and ammunition purchases, 10-day waiting period, magazine ban, “assault weapons” ban, “red flag” law, and a host of other restrictions aimed at legal gun owners?

I’d say that thanks to Newsom and California Democrats it’s far easier for Campos and other criminals to get a gun than it is for a generally law-abiding citizen to do so. After all, they can simply bypass the maze of red tape the state has erected between citizens and their Second Amendment rights, unlike those who are trying to stay on the right side of the law. Sure, there might be consequences if they’re caught, but as Campos’s criminal history shows us, even an arrest and a conviction often results in nothing more than a judicial slap on the wrist.

Newsom isn’t saying that his gun control amendment would reduce “gun violence”, rather that it would “end” it completely. That may be a comforting fiction for some Americans, but it is fiction. California already has all of the gun control laws that Newsom is demanding be enshrined in the Constitution, but they’re not stopping guys like Campos from allegedly carrying out multiple shootings. Instead, they’re preventing responsible citizens from being able to protect themselves from the violent criminals untouched by California’s repeated assaults on our Second Amendment rights.

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