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George Stephanopoulos Loses It When Challenged by Trump Lawyer On-Air

Leave it to the press to remain absolutely shameless in the face of Donald Trump being indicted. You’d think amidst all their “no one is above the law” rantings, that perhaps they’d have just a bit of introspection about the misdeeds of those they so often defend.

But nah, George Stephanopoulos of ABC News (and former Clinton crony) wants you to know that he remains an absolute hack who wouldn’t say a cross word about Joe Biden if he had a gun pointed at his head. Truly, the sheer gall on display to make the claim he makes when confronted by Jim Trusty, a former attorney for Trump, is a sight to behold.

The Daily Caller provides a transcript of the exchange.

Stephanopoulos asked Trusty if he believes in the principle that “no person is above the law” before asking whether he agrees Trump should be charged.

“No person is below the law, that’s really the issue here,” Trusty said. “You’ve got these investigations in Delaware that are 1,000 times more serious by a sitting president who has authorized his DOJ [Department of Justice] to try to sink the candidacy of his prime opposition while that guy has unsecured documents that he stole out of a skiff dozens of years ago. Look, we’re not talking –”

“What are you talking about?” Stephanopoulos said. “What are you talking about? That is a ridiculous statement!”

Is Stephanopoulos drunk? Or does he really want us to believe that he’s not aware that it is Biden’s DOJ that is targeting Trump, his “prime opposition” in the 2024 election?

Trusty continued from there.

“There’s this issue – nice try. There’s an issue that anyone that reads any newspapers would agree is a parallel track, which is the Delaware document scandal of Joe Biden where there’s a special counsel, Rob Hur, that’s investigating it. You know that there were documents that were sensitive, that were marked classified, found in a garage near a Corvette, that made their way through Chinatown to the Penn Biden Center,” Trusty said. “There’s 1,850 boxes that have never been fully looked at at the University of Delaware.”

That’s correct. There are 1,850 boxes that have never even been fully examined sitting at the University of Delaware right now. Do they contain classified information? We don’t know because the DOJ hasn’t bothered to lift a finger to find out. When it’s a Republican, they are ready to raid to gather documents and information. When it’s a Democrat, what’s the rush?

But Stephanopoulos wasn’t done gaslighting his viewers into thinking they are insane.

“You have the ultimate unclean hands of a current sitting president who had no declassification, had none of the protections of President Trump, and who literally had to have stolen stuff from a skiff,” Trusty alleged. “Even Dick Durbin commented about how this was an outrageous possession of classified material by Vice President – at that point – Joe Biden. So that’s what we’re talking about. You can scoff and act like there’s nothing to it. The whole country knows the basic notion of unequal treatment and fairness. That’s what’s at issue with this prosecution.”

“I think that is certainly what is at issue,” Stephanopoulos said. “We will see how it plays out because I don’t think you have any evidence to back up any of the charges you just made.”

I’m sorry, what? Did he really just say there’s no evidence to back up any of the charges that Trusty made in his commentary? Not any of them? There’s not even any evidence to back up the charge that Biden kept classified material after leaving the Obama administration and stored it in his garage next to his Corvette? What an absolutely crazy falsehood for Stephanopoulos to assert. All that evidence that Biden illegally possessed classified documents is already out in the open. We know he had it because the FBI searched his properties and found the stuff. And last I checked, there is no “oops” provision in the statute. Biden broke the law, full stop.

It’d be one thing if the press actually believed their proclamations of no one being above the law. If they truly did value equal justice, maybe you’d still disagree with Trump being charged, but at least there’d be a consistent standard. Instead, partisans like Stephanopoulos go to the mat for Democrats, telling you to not believe your lying eyes while demanding Republicans be sent to prison. It’s a disgusting display of bias.


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  1. A political hack from way back. Pulled some nasty tricks on interviews . He is so bias . Look at these Democrats getting away with crimes and he has the nerve to say “ No one is above the law. Try looking at the Clintons and Bidens. Look what has happened in Congress. Waters for one. Come on Stephenopoulis, Americans are waking up to your nonsense.

  2. Georgie’s just a little boy with a fat bank account.he was taken I heard for25 grand the Clinton clan Dems. I wonder if he’s now wearing Bidens knee pads?

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