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Bill Barr Rips Jamie Raskin Again, Dismantles Democrat Talking Points About Biden Bribery Allegations

On Thursday, the Biden bribery scandal blew up big time, with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) revealing what she said was in the FBI bribery report that the members of the House Oversight Committee received. The big takeaway from what MTG said was that Joe Biden allegedly got $5 million in exchange for actions he took when he was vice president, and his son Hunter got another $5 million.

Reporters were finally starting to press Biden on the issue, with Biden having a meltdown when a reporter asked about Rep. Nancy Mace saying he’d “sold out the country.” Biden taunted people saying, “Where’s the money?” He then claimed it was “malarkey” and pounded the podium, claiming he was “honest.”

So naturally, suddenly then we have the indictment of former President Donald Trump in the classified document matter. Can we say what a concidence that timing is?

The other deflection that we’re seeing is the Democrats trying to dismiss the bribery matter as about “Rudy Giuliani’s debunked allegations.”

That’s what Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) tried to do, arguing that the Trump DOJ under Barr and Brady had “closed down” a probe into the bribery scheme saying there were no grounds for further investigative steps. As we reported, Bill Barr shot down that claim saying that the matter had not been closed, but that the matter had been sent off to the U.S. Attorney in Delaware for further investigation. The matter had nothing to do with Giuliani, the bribery question came from a confidential human source who had first-hand information on the question.

But Raskin continued to insist that the matter was related to Giuliani and that it had been shut down by the Trump DOJ. This is going to be their “talking point” to the faithful so that Democrats never even examine the truth of what was going on here.

In recent public remarks, Raskin said the FBI complied with the committee majority’s demand they view a document purported to depict the bribery scheme,and that he learned through that meeting that Barr designated the Pittsburgh federal prosecutor’s office to look into all allegations – while also mentioning former New York City Republican Mayor Rudolph Giuliani “surfac[ing]” some of the allegations.

Barr and Brady, Raskin said, “were the ones who decided that there were no grounds to escalate this up the investigative prosecutorial chain — So, if there’s a complaint, the complaint is with … the Trump Justice Department..”

Bill Barr, who was the Attorney General and in charge of the Trump DOJ, said Raskin was “confused” — which is a kind way of saying he’s shoveling bull cookies.

Barr explained that Raskin didn’t seem to understand the nature of the process. He said that the Pittsburgh office was being used as an intake process/clearinghouse and he shot down Raskin’s claim that it had to do with Giuliani as well.

“We also wanted to protect the integrity of the investigations that were going on,” Barr said. “So this was a screening, a clearinghouse function to check evidence out before sending it to the ongoing investigations.”

It was through the Pittsburgh process that the information from the FBI-1023 document came about, Barr said, however disagreeing with Raskin’s suggestion that Giuliani played any part in that.

“It was stuff that was developed within the department and the FBI from a confidential human source. And that information was checked out and it was determined that it was not likely to have been disinformation,” he said.

“It doesn’t say whether it’s true or not, but it wasn’t the no sign that it was disinformation. And so it was provided to the ongoing investigation in Delaware to follow up on and to check out.”

Barr also had some words for the process of the Delaware investigation involving Hunter Biden. He said that the long delay in coming to any conclusion on the matter and the silence on it was hurting the country, “I think it’s time to fish or cut bait and find out what actually happened in that investigation.”

Amen. But it should have been done when Trump was in office so you could protect the process. Now, who knows what they will do under the influence of the Biden DOJ? The most likely thing is that they will try to cut some insignificant charges solely focused on Hunter that are easy to prove but don’t go to the question of the influence peddling. They may have gotten away with that before. But now that the bribery allegation has come out and the House Oversight Committee has the bank records, it’s going to be much harder to try to sell that as “equal justice under the law.”

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