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‘Embarrassing’: Air Force Twitter Account Sparks Outrage After Going Way Too Far in Honor of ‘Pride Month’

The recruiting crisis within the U.S. military is a very real thing, and while senior military leaders and “military experts” have been putting the blame squarely on young people, all signs point to the bigger issue boiling down primarily to one thing: the federal government’s dangerous obsession with all things woke.

And when I say “dangerous,” I’m not engaging in hyperbole. My RedState colleague streiff explained it well in a recent post:

The fact is that the military has become a hostile work environment for straight, white, conservative males who have historically been the demographic most likely to enlist. The Air Force has said it has too many white pilots, and now it is wrestling with a shortage. The Army tolerates homosexual fetish sex rings involving senior officers and their subordinates — and is shocked that is a turnoff to young men. The Secretary of the Army prioritizes solar power over training the Army to fight and win the first battle of the next war.

While everyone is focused on the close-in battle of recruiting, the real story will be in what is happening in retention.

When the double whammy of woke and degenerate corporate culture combines with subpar human material, you will start to see the exodus.

In short, the military is becoming emasculated, and that’s a big problem.

From my perspective as a civilian, there is also the issue of how there seems to be a deemphasis on taking pride in America (which of course goes along with wokeness), with the focus being more on placating those with hurt feelings that go along with their long list of grievances with their country than there is on strengthening trust and faith in the U.S. military institution and ensuring our men and women are in tip-top, ready-to-go form.

And with each passing day, the military divisions in this country just prove the point.

Take, for instance, the United States Air Force Twitter account. On Wednesday, they posted a tweet celebrating Pride Month, and – incredibly – it depicited a U.S. soldier saluting not the American flag, but a Pride flag.

I kid you not:

The replies, I should note, were cut off at a certain point because the tweet got badly ratioed.

Sadly, this type of “messaging” is nothing new. As our friends at sister site Twitchy observed a year ago, there was something suspiciously missing from this Pride month picture posted on the Air Force Recruiting Twitter account page – the American flag:

Understandably, this upset a lot of folks:

Twitter user “JW,” a military veteran, absolutely went off:

As a retired Air Force officer I am humiliated by the state of the service.

No credible American and no actual Airmen would salute anything but the American flag. Celebrating a military member saluting a pride flag is not just embarrassing it is traitorous. The current senior leadership are no more than a group of Aldrich Ames clones with a few Harvey Milks/Ed Bucks mixed in. Everyone involved in putting this messaging out should have their clearance revoked & face Article 15 procedures.

You have all failed in your responsibility and your oath to the US Constitution.

Ridiculous and embarrassing.

To put a finer point on it, Space Force veteran Matt Lohmeier wrote that “the US military celebrates religious and political agendas at the detriment of readiness and morale.”

Another predicted that “In 100 years, this will be displayed in an exhibit called, ‘How America Fell.’”

Unfortunately, he’s probably not wrong.

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