PAM KEY 25 May 2023

McCarthy: ‘It Is Very Difficult for the Democrats to Agree Not to Spend More’

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said Thursday on FNC’s “Americas Newsroom” that it was “very difficult for the Democrats to agree not to spend more next year than they spent this year.”

McCarthy said, “It’s very difficult for the Democrats to agree not to spend more next year than they spent this year. They’ve increased spending so drastically, to try to change that course is very difficult. And think about what we’re looking, to spend less this year than we spent the year before, to put work requirements in that help people get jobs, to cap what government continues to grow at 1% in the future, to get some permitting reform so we can build things in America, cutting the red tape. These are really reasonable, responsible items that will make America strong.”

He added, “I sat down with the president February 1, and look, there’s two things I will not do, I will not raise taxes, and we cannot pass a clean debt ceiling. So let’s sit down and negotiate. I would ask the president every single week to do that, that’s what responsible people do, he ignored it. We put together a bill that would raise the debt limit and responsibly bring back COVID money that has just sat out there, find ways to make the economy stronger, and we pass that. So finally, we got in negotiations. I’ve been very upfront with the American public. I’m not shy from the position we have because this is the American public position. They know the amount of debt we have.”

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