PETER CADDLE 24 May 2023

Leftist Party Leader: ‘Quite Clearly’ the Case that Women Can Have Penises

It is “quite clearly” the case that women can have penises, the head of the left-wing Liberal Democrats has claimed.

Ed Davey, the leader of Britain’s progressive Liberal Democrats party, has claimed that it is “quite clearly” the case that women can have penises.

The comment comes at a time when numerous others within Britain’s political elite struggle to say whether or not women are capable of having a penis, with current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak very hesitantly saying that they cannot back in April.

However, speaking to UK radio station LBC, Davey nevertheless managed to get the 50/50 penis question wrong, telling host Nick Ferarri that women can “quite clearly” have penises.

Davey also decried attempts to challenge the idea that women can possess male genitalia, saying that discussions on the topic must be had with “a bit more maturity and a bit more compassion” in what appears to be a jab at those who correctly say women cannot have penises.

Though his boldly incorrect response has garnered controversy online, Davey is far from the first British politician that has struggled to answer whether or not women can have penises.

Sir Keir Starmer, the head of Britain’s much more prevalent left-wing Labour Party, previously got caught out by the question during a previous interview with LBC, eventually committing to the position that 0.1 per cent — or roughly one in a thousand — women do in fact have penises.

Current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has also struggled to suggest that women cannot, in fact, have a penis, giving a wishy-washy non-committal answer when quizzed on the subject back when he was serving as Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Sunak later revised his position sometime into his premiership, with an interviewer eventually managing to force the leader to admit that 100 per cent of women do not have penises.

Even this Pauline moment was undermined however, with the top Tory politician not being able to stop himself from adding numerous qualifiers to his eventual admission.

“I think the first thing to say is, look, we should always have compassion and understanding and tolerance for those who are thinking about their gender,” he said.

“But when it comes to these issues of protecting women’s rights [and] women’s spaces I think the issue of-of biological sex is fundamentally important when we think about those questions (sic),” he added.

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