BY: JOEL B. POLLAK 14 May 2023

WATCH: President Biden Tells Black Graduates ‘White Supremacy’ Biggest Threat

President Joe Biden told black graduates at Howard University on Saturday that “the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy,” adding that he was not just saying that because they were black.

Biden made his remarks, ironically, during a passage about national unity (via White House transcript):

But on the best days, enough of us have the guts and the hearts to st- — to stand up for the best in us.  To choose love over hate, unity over disunion, progress over retreat.  To stand up against the poison of white supremacy, as I did in my Inaugural Address — to single it out as the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy.  (Applause.)

And I’m not saying this because I’m at a Black HBCU.  I say it wherever I go.

To stand up for truth over lies — lies told for power and profit.

Biden also repeated the “fine people hoax,” repeating — almost verbatim — his false claim, recycled constantly since his campaign launch in 2019 — the lie that then-President Donald Trump praised neo-Nazis who rioted in Charlottesville, Virginia, as “very fine people.”

As Breitbart News has pointed out — and as was shown to the nation at Trump’s second impeachment trial — Trump said the neo-Nazis should be “condemned totally.”

Biden has never corrected his remark, nor has he stopped repeating the lie, even after being confronted with the truth personally, as in the clip below.

He went on to tell Howard graduates “[t]o stand up for truth over lies.”

In his introduction, Biden also managed to forget the name of Trinidad and Tobago Keith Rowley. Biden also botched Rowley’s academic field, incorrectly identifying him as a “Latin American guy.” Rowley is a geologist.

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