Greg Abbott: Dominion Must ‘Answer’ Questions About Role Played in Tucker Carlson Firing

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called on Dominion Voting Systems to “answer” questions about its alleged role in Tucker Carlson’s firing from Fox News after reports surfaced the outlet fired Carlson as part of the network’s settlement with Dominion.

Earlier in the week, Carlson’s attorneys reportedly sent a letter to Fox News accusing them of breach of contract and fraud. The letter also alleged the conservative cable news outlet fired Carlson as part of its $787.5 million settlement with Dominion.

Carlson, who is under contract with Fox News until January 2025, announced this week that he would bring “a new version” of his show to Twitter.

As Breitbart News detailed:

The letter came just before Carlson announced on Twitter that he would be bringing his show to the social media platform, signaling that his legal team believes it can argue that Fox News violated its contract with Carlson first, freeing him from it.

The letter reportedly alleges that Fox News made promises to Carlson that were intentionally broken, constituting fraud, and that the network also broke an agreement not to leak his private communications to the media.

The letter also reportedly alleges the network broke promises not to settle with Dominion Voting Systems “in a way which would indicate wrongdoing” on the part of Carlson and not to take any actions in a settlement that would harm his reputation.

Two sources told Axios that Carlson was told by a member of the Fox News board that he was taken off the air as part of a Dominion settlement.

Abbott on Saturday said the electronic voting company must answer about the role it played in Carlson’s firing before it could be allowed to do business within the Lone Star State.

Abbot said if the reports are accurate, he is “happy” the company does not operate in Texas.

“If the public reporting is accurate that Dominion Voting Systems demanded that Tucker Carlson be fired as part of a litigation settlement, then I am happy that Dominion does not operate in Texas, and I don’t think that they should do so in the future,” Abbott said. “We may disagree with others’ positions, but we should never try to improperly silence views contrary to our own.”

“If Dominion wants to do business with Texas in the future, they should first answer questions about what role, if any, they played in silencing a prominent conservative journalist,” Abbott added. “The answers to those questions, and other factors, should guide whether we want them to operate here.”

However, Stephen Shackelford, an outside attorney for Dominion, told Axios earlier in the week that the company “did not insist on [Fox News] firing Tucker Carlson as part of the settlement.”

A Fox News spokesperson also said reports about Dominion’s role in Carlson’s firing are “categorically false.”

Jordan Dixon-Hamilton is a reporter for Breitbart News. Write to him at or follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Dominion systems should be disqualified from operating in the USA per se. Operation are run by partisan politicians and therefore stand against all that a true democracy stands for.

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