CJNG Narcoterrorists Give Mothers Day Gifts in Mexico

One of Mexico’s most violent criminal organizations handed out small electrical appliances to dozens of women in popular neighborhoods in various cities as a way to win public support.

The case was registered this week in seven municipalities in the state of Michoacán, where hitmen from the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel were able to travel with total impunity while carrying their rifles when delivering gifts.

Gift deliveries were made in the towns of La Piedad, Churintzio, Zináparo, Numarán, Yurécuaro, Tanhuato and Zacapu.

A cell phone video recorded by hitmen and shared on social media captured the moment mothers in the villages receive the appliances and some chant “Mencho,” the nickname of CJNG leader Nemesio “El Mencho” Oseguera.

One of the off-camera gunmen can be heard telling the women that the gifts came from Mencho to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Even though gunmen can be seen moving through cities with rifles and cartel sporting banners, police and military forces did not respond to the scene, highlighting the impunity with which drug cartels can operate in parts from Mexico.

Drug cartels in Mexico routinely deliver gifts and throw parties for residents of impoverished communities during special occasions such as Christmas, Mother’s Day and Children’s Day as a way to garner community support, Breitbart Texas reported . . In most of these cases, the cartel’s hitmen have been able to carry out these acts without any interference from the Mexican police or military forces.

CJNG is the same cartel behind numerous terror-style attacks in which they have killed innocent victims and bars and restaurants in Mexico as a way to scare locals as part of their turf wars with other cartels. The criminal organization has also been linked to the use of car bombs, improvised explosive devices and the use of drones to drop explosives on rivals and police forces, Breitbart Texas reported .

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