Watch: Progressive Lawmaker Stumbles When asked What a Woman is

Footage has emerged online of a high-profile progressive lawmaker struggling to define exactly what a woman is.

Eoin Ó Broin, a senior official and MP within Ireland’s progressive-leaning Sinn Féin party, has been videoed struggling to give a definition of what exactly a woman is.

The question has been a major stumbling block for many politicians within the neighbouring United Kingdom, with even members of the supposedly right-leaning Conservative Party afraid to give an obvious, biology-based answer for fear of upsetting trans-militants.

According to a report by Gript Media, such a trend of lawmakers being stumped by the concept of a woman appears to have drifted across the Irish sea, with Ó Broin left struggling to define the term when confronted by women’s rights activists.

“What is a woman?” one activist asked. The question evoked a momentary silence from the politician, who stared into the camera for a number of seconds before eventually giving an answer.

“If you’re asking me about gender-” he began, before being interrupted by his interlocutors.

“No I am asking you what is a woman,” the activist replied. “It is a very simple question. What is a woman? Just give me a definition. You speak English.”

Ó Broin eventually replied by saying that he believes that “gender identity is culture”, adding that he thinks that transgender males should be recognised as being women.

Such a position seems to now be the mainstream within Sinn Féin as a whole — a party that used to be defined by its nationalist focus on keeping both the UK and EU out of Ireland — with the organisation having largely abandoned much of its original politics to focus on modern left-wing progressive talking points.

The party’s leader, Mary Lou McDonald, has even expressed support for child transgenderism, and the ability for certain children under the age of 18 to change their legal gender in Ireland.


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