WATCH: WNBA’s Brittney Griner Says Banning Biological Men from Playing Against Women is a ‘Crime’


Phoenix Mercury player Brittney Griner spoke to the media as the WNBA prepares to kick off its 2023 season, and at one point in the discussion insisted that it is a “crime” to prevent biological men who claim to be transgender women from playing against natural-born women.

Griner, who is more famous for having been arrested and imprisoned in Russia on drug charges than playing basketball, was asked about the various states that have begun moving to outlaw men playing sports as women.

“There are number of states that are moving to aggressively prevent transgender athletes playing. Where is that going to rank on your radar when it comes to advocating for transgender athletes being able to play?” the reporter asked Griner.

Griner has been very open for her support of the radical gay agenda, and it appears she is also all-in for transgenderism.

“That ranks high on the list of things I’ll be fighting for and speaking up against,” the ex-convict said. “Everyone deserves the right to play. Everyone deserves the right to come here and sit in these seats and feel safe and not feel that there’s a threat and that they can’t be who they are.”

But she went on with a more pointed accusation.

“Honestly I think it’s a crime to separate someone for any reason against that legislation is trying to be passed,” she exclaimed.


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