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Biden Tells the Irish Parliament More Surreal Stories That Are a Bunch of Malarkey

Joe Biden’s trip to Northern Ireland and Ireland has been a festival of embarrassment so far. I’m not sure that it was worth revealing how far he’s deteriorated to the world just because he wanted to take his son and sister to Ireland.

I think it’s fair to say it has not been going well. When you insult another country in the process and need your son to help you get through basic actions like understanding what a child is saying or doing a rope line greeting, there’s a big problem. Biden even made up another weird story that couldn’t possibly be true the way he told it when he was talking to little kids. It’s more than a little concerning that this is the representation that we are sending out to other countries. Imagine what our adversaries must be thinking. We can see them making moves around the world and we should be worried.

Biden delivered some remarks on Thursday to the Irish Parliament. You know when you hear that you have to cringe and hope that he didn’t say anything especially stupid.

The embarrassment started before he even got into the chamber when the Speaker of the lower House of Parliament, Seán Ó Fearghaíl, had to help position Biden for the photo-op.

Remember Joe Biden’s basic principle whenever he speaks before a group — pander, pander, pander. It doesn’t matter if there’s any reality to what he’s saying. But just tell them how you are like them in some way. This is how Joe Biden has become the first person occupying the Oval Office who was a black, Puerto Rican, Polish, civil rights activist truck driver who challenged Corn Pop to a duel while going to shul and black churches.

So with that, I give you Joe Biden, the rugby player.

He says he played rugby after he got out of law school for a year in a club. He’s previously said, “I don’t want to exaggerate my rugby career. I played rugby for one year when I was in law school. I played college football and high-school football but rugby only for a year.” Turns out Syracuse didn’t have a club until a year after he left. So did he play? Not that can be proven.

Then this nonsense where he tries to suggest that rugby is somehow safer is clueless and suggests to me he has no idea what he is talking about.

Then there was this confused story which I think is about him saying he recognizes there was discrimination against the Irish. But it’s such a load of gobbledygook, it’s not clear what exactly he’s saying here.

I tried to track this story down and found nothing to support it so far. Also probably not unless you’re talking about more than 100 years ago, then probably not in Colorado and not something Biden went through, so what did that have to do with appreciating a Hispanic audience? And probably not the story you want to be telling the Irish Parliament. But hey, Joe has never let reality intrude on his stories.

Then there was Joe the Revolutionary. We’re supposed to believe that his grandfather thought that boring old Joe who has always been known for his gaffes had the makings of an Irish revolutionary.

Yeah, no. Although I guess the fight with the chain with Corn Pop was probably lit.

Then he had some battles with the teleprompter — which he lost. Badly.

But just remember, he’s a fabulous leader who has had more experience than anyone ever before him.

“The only thing I bring to this career after my aged — as you can see how old I am — was a little bit of wisdom,” Biden said. “I come to the job with more experience than any president in American history. Doesn’t make me better or worse, but it gives me a few excuses.”

Unfortunately, all we’ve gotten from him is the “aged” — we haven’t gotten any of the “wisdom” from him.


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  1. Does this nightmare have an ending?
    After 69 years I thought I had seen near everything, but help me Lord for I was wrong!
    Up until now I had only heard of morons, but as life has it, I get to see one first hand!

  2. When are they going to impeach Biden you have a president who is beyond reproach and is not a criminal you arrest him and then you have a president who was not elected by the people is a career criminal has broken the law and is a pedophile and you praise him if people can’t see that they are not in touch with reality this is not a duplicate comment I just made it and I can say the same thing over and over again if I want to

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