CA Rep. Ted Lieu Tweets Photo of Fetus That Looks Like Cotton Ball, Ridicule Ensues

Democrat California Representative Ted Lieu has never known for his intellect, but his recent tweet about a fetus must certainly have even his own supporters scratching their heads. The reason? He posted what appears to be a cotton ball and claimed it was actually a nine-week-old fetus. I’m no medical expert, but I can certainly tell you that a baby at that stage is certainly more advanced than this:

It took me all of 15 seconds to find a WebMd video that explains that a nine-week-old’s head is starting to get “more erect, and the neck is more developed. Your baby’s skeleton is forming, but the bones are still soft. Little eyelids form but stay closed, and a nose appears. During an ultrasound, you might see how your baby moves, even though you can’t feel it yet.”

Twitter users were quick to blast Lieu’s misinformation:


In May of 2022, as the impending Roe v Wade decision dominated the headlines, I wrote the story, “The Science Changed: How the Technology of 3D Ultrasound Radically Transformed Abortion Debate.” I described how 3D and even 4D ultrasound technology and other breakthroughs allowed us to actually see the faces of fetuses and track their development in ways that were impossible prior to then. The takeaway: fetuses are individually recognizable very early on, and advances in their bodies and senses occur much sooner than scientists had realized.

In other words, Ted Lieu has absolutely no excuse to be posting something so ludicrous and demeaning to unborn babies.

“Where did he get the photo?” I wondered. His tweet indicates it came from something called the MYA network, and not surprisingly, it turns out to be an abortion provider. Their motto? “Early abortion is safe and common.” I know it’s a while since abortion advocates dropped “rare” from former president Bill Clinton’s “safe, legal and rare” phrase, but it’s still jarring to see them celebrate that it’s now “common.”

The website even has a section called “Abortion Normalized.” They make it sound like stepping out for a cup of coffee.

As to what point Lieu is trying to make with his creepy tweet, I’m not even 100 percent clear. He wrote:

Below is pregnancy at 9 weeks. Religious zealot judge said mifepristone caused “psychological trauma” to women who saw abortion remains. Under this religious reasoning, judge could ban viagra for “psychological trauma” to any men for using Viagra to have sex outside of marriage.

He is referring to a Texas judge’s ruling last week that stripped the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval of the medication abortion pill, mifepristone. The decision naturally has liberals like Chuck Schumer and AOC freaking out, but what it has to do with Viagra is beyond me. If it’s a dirty “joke,” it’s a really bad one.

The real reason for his tweet seems to be to imply that a growing baby in the womb is nothing more than a cotton ball, and is of no importance. Its abortion is therefore of little consequence. However, technology has proven without a doubt that this is not true, and ghouls like Lieu are simply spreading disinformation when they tweet this kind of stuff.

See for yourself:

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