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Kamala Harris Is Headed to Nashville, and the Reason Is Detestable

Nearly two weeks after a deadly mass shooting carried out by a militant transgender man (a woman), took the lives of six Christians, including three children, Kamala Harris is headed to the city it occurred in. Is she headed there to meet with and offer her condolences to the heartbroken families or to speak against the evils of political violence? Of course, not.

In one of the most detestable moves of the Biden administration’s existence, and there’s a lot of competition, she’s going to show support for the so-called “Tennessee Three.” That would be the same “Tennessee Three” that incited and participated in an insurrection, leading to the expulsion of two of the Democrats from the state legislature.

Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire had this to say in response to Harris’ announced visit.

That’s exactly my take. It is beyond reprehensible for Harris and the administration to never once mention that Christians were specifically targeted in a horrific mass shooting, only to show up when some of their political allies get rightfully expelled for using a mob to shut down the legislature. That is the perfect illustration of where their priorities land. They are more concerned with pushing propaganda over a grifting activist getting rightfully punished than literal dead children. It is beyond grotesque and morally bankrupt.

Besides, I’ve been assured that there is nothing worse than people storming a capitol building. Remember, it wasn’t the violence on January 6th that made it unique. There had been plenty of far worse riots in the preceding year. Rather, we were told by Democrats that the game-changer was the obstruction of the work of the legislature. That is exactly what the “Tennessee Three” did.

They incited and joined forces with a mob that stormed the state’s capitol building and skirmished with police until they made their way to the balconies overlooking the legislative floor. Then Justin Jones, Justin Pearson, and Gloria Johnson, the three Democrats in question, grabbed a bullhorn and shouted down their colleagues in solidarity with the insurrectionists until proceedings had to be shut down. Representatives had to be evacuated as “protesters” blocked exits.

By every definition asserted by the left over the last two years, that is an insurrection. Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the United States, is coming to Nashville to stand in solidarity with insurrectionists. In doing so, she’s using the bodies of dead children to push a political message on gun control while ignoring the actual victims. When you lay it all out there, it seems even more disgusting.

The Biden administration always manages to one-up itself, but the last several weeks feel like another leap across the Rubicon. Harris and the rest aren’t even trying to hide the ball anymore. They do not care that Christians were murdered. They won’t even utter the word “Christian” in speaking of the tragedy. And when given the chance to visit, they show up not to meet with the families of the victims, but with those who tried to overthrow the Tennessee legislature. As Walsh said, it’s hideously wicked.

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  1. Harris is useless so send her to another disaster with a word salad. She has no influence & no intelligent people listen to her.

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