New York Judge Reportedly Working to Stop Trump’s Big Indictment Speech

Donald Trump was planning on delivering a speech on Tuesday addressing his recent indictment, but the New York judge handling the case is reportedly about to preempt that.

According to the Daily Mail, Trump’s lawyers have caught wind of an upcoming gag order to be put into effect on Monday, just a day before the former president is scheduled to be arrested.

Donald Trump‘s legal team is preparing for a New York judge to slap a gag order on the former president on Monday, can reveal, a day before he is due to be arrested in Manhattan.

The extraordinary move to potentially silence a candidate for president will likely enflame Trump’s supporters as he prepares to fly out of his Florida home.

The gag order would carry penalties if broken, such as fines and possible jail time. It would essentially stop Trump from speaking about the case, which would include fundraising off of it. That would be a big damper on his current plan to fight back, which has revolved around stirring public outrage. It would also be a move that further interferes with the 2024 presidential race.

With that said, it’s not crazy to speculate that this could help Trump in the long run. The former president’s biggest enemy is his own mouth. That’s especially true in dealing with court cases where all the social media rantings in the world are meaningless in the face of the law. Since we are talking about criminal charges in this case, the stakes are sky-high, making the use of care paramount. The best thing Trump could do right now is to stop talking about his legal issues.

Yes, that would anger some of his supporters who want the “turn it up to eleven” strategy going at all times, but they aren’t the ones facing jail time. Trump is, and I’m sure his lawyers would appreciate some quiet on the front.

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  1. Correct me if I am wrong here but has Trump been convicted yet of any crime? Is his Constitutional Rights been taken from him, “Freedom of Speech”? By what authority is a Gag Order being based on? If it is a Judge who feels this is necessary, perhaps he should be forced to go back and read the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights, as well as the Magna Carta. Until a person has been found guilty of the charges levied against them they have all the Rights and Privileges afforded by those documents as any other citizen, except in the case of a Capital Crime such as Murder and are being detained in Prison as a flight risk.
    This is nothing more than more Democratic Posturing and a Political Witch Hunt because he will not play their game.

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