POTUS: ‘I Applaud China for Stepping Up — Excuse Me, Canada’

President Joe Biden made an interesting flub in an address to the Canadian parliament on Friday, when he praised “China” before correcting himself and saying “Canada.”

Biden was trying to praise Canada for its cooperation in an agreement, signed Friday, to work together in turning economic migrants away from North America.

Biden said (via White House transcript):

In the United States, we’re expanding legal pathways for migration to seek safety in humanitarian — on a humanitarian basis, while discouraging unlawful migration that feeds exploitation and human trafficking.

So, today I applaud China [sic] for stepping up — or, excuse me — I applaud Canada — (laughter) — I’m — you can tell what I’m thinking — (laughter) — about China.  I won’t get into that yet.

I applaud Canada for stepping up with similar programs, opening new legal pathways for 1,500 [15,000] migrants to come to Canada from countries in the Western Hemisphere.

At the same time, the United States and Canada will work together to discourage unlawful border crossings and fully implement in the updated Safe Third Country Agreement.  (Applause.)

Biden’s China ties have been under scrutiny lately — at least by House Republicans and conservative media outlets — because of millions of dollars in payments his family received in questionable Chinese business deals.

Canada’s own ties to China have been complicated by a recent scandal involving Chinese election interference.

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  1. It sure seems understandable as to why the White House refuses to tell the truth (or for that matter anything at all except for saying it’s all lies) about the Hunter Biden Scandal — As usual they have to cover up all the corruption coming from the White House. Of course, KJP cannot or will not be able to answer truthfully how very corrupt Biden and his administration are. Anyone with any bit of intelligence can see what is going on here.

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