Reporters Rip Into WH for Not Answering Questions, Then WH Stiffs Them Again

Reporters were not happy with the White House on Thursday at the press briefing. They lost patience with White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre when she claimed — falsely — that Biden does answer questions when meeting with world leaders. You could hear them call out in unison that he doesn’t answer questions, “We get yelled at,” and “They shout at us to get out.”

KJP’s response? She just starts laughing and says, “I hear you guys.” Then she tries to blame the failure of Biden to answer questions on the other leaders with whom he meets, saying it isn’t something that is “unilaterally” decided upon. In honor of Joe Biden on St. Patrick’s Day, let’s call malarkey on that one because anyone knows that if Joe Biden wanted to answer them, he would answer them. And it happens virtually every time whoever the leader is, with the only commonality being Joe Biden. And yes, it is the Biden handlers who are always yelling at the reporters and pushing them out at these kinds of meetings, as we’ve shown over and over again. If President Donald Trump had treated them like that, we never would have heard the end of it, but this is barely covered in the press.

But Jean-Pierre said that there would be an “opportunity” where the press would be in the room with the two leaders.

So what happened then with the meeting with the Irish prime minister on Friday? So much for that “opportunity” that KJP talked about. Biden refused to take questions.

Not only did Biden refuse to take questions, but the reporters also got a bonus refusal from Kamala Harris who was at the Friends of Ireland Caucus St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon with the prime minister (the Taoiseach).

What the reporters should do is simply boycott the briefing until they get a change — they’re being vocal but they need to be more public and take action in response to the White House.

But is it any wonder why the White House, with Biden’s handlers, keeps trying to wall him off from any real questions?

He doesn’t even know what event he is at or how not to insult the Irish guests.

“I’m the only Irishman you’ve ever met though that’s never had a drink,” Biden said, stereotyping all Irish as drinkers. That was probably better than what he said last year at the same event.

“I may be Irish, but I’m not stupid,” Biden said last year. “I married Dominic Giacoppa’s daughter.” He couldn’t even get that right — he married Giacoppa’s granddaughter, Jill Biden.

This year, he couldn’t even get straight that he was at a luncheon. He seemed to think he was at a breakfast, as he mumbled about having more of a relationship as a result of this “breakfast.”

If he doesn’t even know the difference between breakfast and lunch anymore, no wonder his handlers don’t want him taking questions. But he appears to be getting worse every day.

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  1. Does Joe Biden deserve to stay the POTUS after his first two years with the disaster he has created so far? At the end of his term will be at war, in a recession, in a depression, or just be over run by illegal aliens who will have more rights that the average citizen of the USA?

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