Woman Stabbed in UK ‘Terror Attack’ was an American Spy – Report

One man has been arrested under UK terrorism law in relation to the incident, which took place in a car park close to both the world-famous Cheltenham race course, and the famous ‘donut’ building of Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), a UK spy agency roughly equivalent to the NSA in the United States.

According to a report by the Daily Mail the single female victim of the incident is now thought to be related to intelligence gathering, with the publication claiming that she is an American spy on secondment to a UK government agency.

No details have been given as to what U.S. agency the woman is a part of, nor why she was working in Britain.

GCHQ is said to be taking last week’s attack “seriously”, but it has not yet been made public whether the victim was attacked randomly, or was specifically targeted in the incident.

Original reporting indicated that the woman was badly injured in the attack, with news outlets having since said that she has undergone surgery that has left her in an allegedly stable condition.

Little information has also been revealed about the alleged attacker by official sources, other than that he is a 29-year-old male, and that police have now searched a property in the town thought to be linked to the suspect.

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