Keith Olbermann Tries to Give Elon Biz Advice, It Doesn’t Go Well When Elon Responds

The continued freakout of leftists over Elon Musk owning Twitter is a continuing source of entertainment. They’re so upset that liberals are no longer controlling the platform and that people are now permitted to challenge the prevailing narrative they are pushing. It’s just something to see.

One of the people who just can’t seem to deal with it is Keith Olbermann.

I wrote earlier about how Twitter owner Elon Musk had posted a video of Jan. 6 defendant Jacob Chansley urging people to be peaceful and go home outside the Capitol. This appears to have been after he was inside the building. Musk made the point that he hadn’t been violent to anyone, while walking around with the police, plus he urged people to go home. In response, someone painted him as MAGA. Musk said he wasn’t MAGA, but he was concerned about fairness and justice.

That’s when Olbermann lost it. If you can believe it, he appeared to be trying to get Musk suspended from his own platform, claiming Elon was “denying a violent event.”

Now, Olbermann doesn’t seem to get it; there are no longer liberals rules to suppress speech you don’t like that are pulled out of the air like that. There is no such “rule” because we no longer live in Twitter Stasi-land. Moreover, Musk was not “denying a violent event” — he was saying that Chansley had not been violent with anyone, which is quite true. It’s Olbermann who was not correct. Musk wasn’t violating any Twitter rules by posting the truth.

Musk asked him if he had considered a career in comedy. After all, Olbermann keeps moving from job to job; he’s been reduced to being a podcaster. Maybe being a clown is the right fit for Olbermann, since he’s already there.

But Olbermann kept digging that hole, asking if Musk had “considered a career in business.”

Musk teased him backsince Olbermann didn’t seem to understandthat he did “hope to succeed in business.” That’s when Olbermann said something truly funny, that Musk should take his advice on business.

It didn’t go well. Olbermann got ratioed into next week.

Yes, that thing about the dog was true, as we reported. That’s how desperate for validation from Twitter Keith Olbermann is.

Musk is one of the richest men in the world, who has several businesses which have done ground-breaking things. And Olbermann is…a guy who yells at people on the internet. It’s not even close. Going from job to job in liberal media is not a “career in business,” nor is it success. It’s the opposite. It’s a “career” in propaganda pushing. Yet, even that hasn’t gone very well for Olbermann. He spends his days throwing tantrums on social media. So, he’s the last person who should be talking to anyone else about taking his advice. That’s some Grade-A-level liberal delusion right there.

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