Karine Jean-Pierre’s Explanation of the Border Crisis Will Turn Your Mind to Mush

The Biden administration is juggling so many different failures that it’s hard to keep track of them all. The moment you start to focus on the border crisis, you are reminded that the stock market is crashing, inflation remains terribly high, and real wages are getting crushed.

But the current border crisis remains a vital issue and one that has long surpassed any comparison regarding past presidents. Joe Biden has destroyed what little semblance of sanity may have existed, and what makes the matter all the more egregious is that he and his handlers refuse to take any blame.

Enter Karine Jean-Pierre, history’s worst press secretary, showing up on MSNBC to provide an explanation. Guess who she blames? That would be Donald Trump, because who else? I mean, sure, Biden has been in office for over two years and the border crisis only started after he revoked policies like “Remain in Mexico,” but truly, it’s the orange man who is bad.

JEAN-PIERRE: We’re gonna move forward with this kind of system, this immigration system that has been gutted, really truly gutted by the last administration. We’re gonna move forward and do it in a humane way. We’re gonna do it in a safe way, and we are gonna do it in a way that moves us forward.

And so what we have been seeing, what we’ve been dealing with, again, is trying to fix the damage that the last administration do, did. What we have done is we’ve (inaudible)… we’ve opened the path to uh, we’ve opened the path to, to make sure that people have a way to um, to um get, to come through and do it in a legal pathway.

You could see her brain melting down progressively as she continued her statement, making sure to throw in as many leftwing buzzwords as possible to hide the fact that she has no idea what she was talking about.

And really, what is she talking about? Border crossings had collapsed in the last two years of the Trump presidency. There was nothing “broken” about our immigration system (aside from more enforcement always being better). “Remain in Mexico” was working as intended. Yet, Jean-Pierre continues to claim that Trump “gutted” the system, but she never gives any actual examples. That’s probably because they don’t exist.

The current border crisis exists for one reason only: Joe Biden is president.

He is the one who promised to open the border during the 2020 campaign. He’s the one who promised free healthcare to illegal immigrants. He’s the one who came into office and immediately ended various policies that were helping to stem the tide. Now, he owns the results, and the results are horrific, both in regard to human life lost, and the affront to law and order.

Back to Jean-Pierre, maybe I’m naive, but I just don’t think anyone outside of the far left is buying her gaslighting anymore. She came into her office with much fanfare (the first gay, black, immigrant to hold the job!), but the bloom is off the rose. It’s sad, really. The Biden administration doesn’t even have enough respect for Americans to hire someone who’s good at lying to them.

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