Democrats Go Ballistic and Call for Tucker Carlson to Be Forcibly Removed From Air

You can tell Tucker Carlson is over the target based simply on the hysterical reactions he’s gotten over the last 24 hours. That’s the story after the Fox News host began to release January 6th surveillance footage on Monday evening.

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy gave Carlson access to the footage after Democrats fought for years to keep it under lock and key. Now, we are finding out that many of the narratives spun by the January 6th committee and others were at best misleading and at worst outright false.

RedState has already reported on that extensively on those revelations (click here, here, and here), and apparently, Democrats aren’t a fan of the transparency. After railing on the Senate floor, Chuck Schumer went to the press to demand that Carlson be forcibly removed from the air.

For starters, it seems rather fascist (or communistic, if you prefer) to have a politician making that kind of demand. A special obligation? Really? Because Carlson released some surveillance footage that Schumer desperately wanted to hide?

It’s an insane and totalitarian position to take. It’s also incredibly hypocritical given Democrats spend every waking moment decrying the coming end of “democracy.” Do you know what ends democracy? Politicians trying to get television hosts kicked off the air for saying stuff they don’t like.

Ask yourself this. What are Schumer and his cohorts so afraid of? Carlson is simply releasing footage that they themselves refused to release. Nancy Pelosi could have let the public see all of it from the get-go. No one made the January 6th committee selectively edit and obfuscate the truth. They chose to do that because they wanted to push a very specific narrative, and they chose to cover up any inconvenient facts for posterity.

That’s what this comes down to. Schumer is afraid of the truth. He’s afraid that his neatly packaged “insurrection” narrative will be blown up by reality, a reality that he fought so hard to hide.


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  1. Of course they’re going ballistic! The truth to a Democrat is like a wooden stake to a vampire!!! They just can’t handle the truth. Lol

  2. I am so sick of our government acting like children who will do anything to get their way. The dems have f***ked this country up to the point that its almost impossible to feed our families. The Dems real purpose for the open border BS is to stack the votes come election time hoping the immigrants vote for them. Its plain to see what Biden is doing his strategy to secure his way, time and again he has shown just how little he cares about the people who pay his salary. Trump’s mistakes didn’t cause the issues we are having now, instead of raising taxes for more BS spending, legalize Marijuana and tax it, look at the states coffers that have legalized it. I know this post won’t get read possibly even noticed or I may be deemed as ignorant, your opinion, enjoy it.

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