Adam Kinzinger Gets Absolutely Bodied After He Tries to Defend Lies Exposed by Tucker Carlson’s J6 Video Drop

You can take a lot away from infamous grifter Adam Kinzinger, who now spends his days trolling the internet and begging for donations for his political group after Democrats redistricted him out of Congress. What you can’t take away from him is his sheer lack of shame.

Kinzinger, once a part of the farcical January 6th committee, has spent years trying to position himself as the moral center of the country. He’s cried, he’s ranted, and he’s done lots of cable news hits. What he’s also done is tell lots of lies, and that was thoroughly exposed by Tucker Carlson on Monday evening.

As RedState reported, the Fox News host released the first batch of many showing what really happened on January 6th. Sure enough, the full, unedited video showed that Kinzinger’s former committee had deceptively edited or outright lied about numerous events.

Kinzinger attempted to snarkily dismiss the revelations, and he got absolutely bodied in the process.

Lying by omission is still lying, and Kinzinger knows exactly what he and his former committee did. They selectively edited a video of Josh Hawley, changing the timeline and adding music, in order to make it seem as if he had shown unique cowardice on January 6th after supposedly raising a fist to the crowd hours prior (which was just a peaceful protest at that point).

At the time the committee did that, Hawley and others pointed out that it was not just Hawley who had jogged through the halls of Capitol Hill and that he only did so because US Capitol Police had ordered him to. He was not the first to “run away,” which was the narrative being asserted. Sure enough, the full, unedited video released by Carlson shows just that.

What’s so astonishing is the Hawley lie, which again was meant to paint him as a singular coward and not someone simply following the orders of law enforcement, is probably the least important one exposed by Carlson. That is to say that it’s what Kinzinger isn’t addressing that shows him to be the ridiculous, dishonest hack that he is.

Where’s Kinzinger’s commentary on the Brian Sicknick lie, for example? That’s a much bigger deal that was debunked by Carlson Monday evening, and yet the former congressman has nothing to say about it. Instead, being who he is, he tries to latch onto a post from Judd Legum (a long-discredited far-left figure) to deflect. People who know they’ve been caught choose to deflect.

As to the headline, if you want to see Kinzinger getting eviscerated in a glorious ratio, be sure to click on his tweet. The replies are spectacular.


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  1. I do not know just what Mr. Kerry’s title is. As such I ask a question of him. Who sent the balloons over to the USA to spy? We sent a U2 spy plane over Russia and got caught. Now sir, who was to blame for that mission? The country that sent it. Now place the blame where you think it should be.

  2. Everything has to center around John Kerry and always did. In a demonstration in Washington, D.C. he made sure that the camera was on him tossing a military metal in the trash, in Vietnam, again everything was about him. Good food, he was first in line, screw his men, he wanted a Purple Heart so he typed up it up., what kind of combat wound did he have? How about a scratch from his typewriter. Everything has to be about John Kerry. What a loser and dishonest person.

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