US-Led Forces Take out Senior ISIS Leader in Syria, 4 Americans Injured

American military-led forces have taken out a senior ISIS leader during a helicopter raid in Syria, leaving four American servicemembers injured, according to the Associated Press.

BEIRUT (AP) — The U.S. military said Friday a helicopter raid led by its forces in northeast Syria left a senior leader with the Islamic State group dead and four American service members wounded.


The U.S. military said in the short statement that its operation was conducted Thursday night in partnership with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces which is allied with the U.S.

It added that “an explosion on target resulted in four U.S. service members and one working dog wounded.” It did not say in which part of northeast Syria the raid was conducted.

It identified the killed IS commander as Hamza al-Homsi.

In an update, Fox News Digital shares more information about al-Homsi:

CENTCOM spokesman Col. Joe Buccino told Fox News Digital that no other ISIS fighters were killed or captured, and no SDF partner forces were injured during the operation. He also said that no civilians were near al-Homsi, and “initial assessments indicate no civilians were killed or injured.”

“Hamza al-Homsi oversaw the group’s deadly terrorist network in eastern Syria before he was killed in the raid,” Buccino said.

Fox News Digital also includes more details on our military’s partnership with the Syrian Democratic Forces:

U.S. service members last suffered injuries during a rocket attack on a base in Syria back in August 2022, which left one person with minor injuries and two others under evaluation for minor injuries.

The U.S. partnered with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to execute the raid.

Sinam Mohamad, the representative of the Syrian Democratic Council to the U.S., told Fox News Digital that “the U.S. presence in northeast Syria is still essential to end ISIS.”

Since it appears the U.S. is still engaged in fighting ISIS in Syria, RedState will keep you in the loop on further developments as they happen.

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