New Details of Lake Huron Shoot-Down Cause All Kinds of Confusion and Concern

As RedState reported, another shoot-down has taken place, this time over Lake Huron in US airspace. That followed a frenzy over the last several days of intercepts of unidentified flying objects, with others downed over Alaska and Canada.

What in the world is going on? We joke about it being aliens, but it’s not aliens, right? So why is the White House being so tight-lipped? Are we to believe the fighters that blew these things out of the sky weren’t able to tell what they were? The current dynamic is just weird. We could be on the brink of a hot war with China and Joe Biden is nowhere to be found. I get it’s the weekend, but he’s the President of the United States.

What makes the Lake Huron takedown especially confusing and concerning, though, is the conflicting messages. My colleague Nick Arama reported on revelations that the object was an “octagon” and was at 20,000 feet. That doesn’t sound like a balloon, which is what Chuck Schumer previously claimed.

Now, Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin has provided another key detail.

That seems to be a pretty definitive statement that it wasn’t a balloon. And if it wasn’t a balloon, then what the heck was it? Was China really flying some futuristic craft over US airspace? It also strikes me as exceptionally odd that the F-16s that intercepted the object weren’t able to identify it. There aren’t that many things it could be if its origin is Earth. It’s an octagon but not a balloon and no one knows what it is. This is some crazy stuff.

Assuming this is the work of the Chinese, we should probably figure out what their intentions are in short order. Their inundating US airspace with foreign objects is obviously deliberate, and I doubt they are doing it just so our fighter pilots can get some target practice. There has to be more to this story than the Chicoms just being really stupid, and every second that goes by that the president doesn’t address the nation only builds more skepticism toward whatever the official narrative is (which they currently can’t even get straight).

I wouldn’t say this situation is scary, but it’s exceptionally odd. It seems like every few hours, there’s a new unidentified flying object being picked up on air defense radar, and while the military is on its game, the administration is asleep at the wheel. That’s not a good thing.

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