Joe ‘Angry Eyes’ Rants About Unity, but It Devolves Into a Bout of Senility

Joe Biden dawned his angry eyes on Friday, which have notably shrunk into a very concerning size over the years, to deliver a rant on how he’s been a uniting force around the world.

The president is never more cringe than when he does his fire and brimstone preacher impersonation, and it wasn’t long before the entire act devolved into a bout of senility. This happened in Pennsylvania during a joint appearance with Kamala Harris.

As an aside, why does Biden spend so much time in Pennsylvania? Whenever he wants to “connect with the people” and brag about his non-successes, he goes there as if no other states exist. But I digress, you can speculate on that. Here’s the president going full Mr. Potato Man with my commentary in parenthesis.

BIDEN: You know what, America is back and we’re leading the world again!

(awkwardly long pause with a desolate look on his face)

We are?! We’ve united Europe! We’ve united the, we’ve united the, Asia, Japan. Japan is doing more than its ever done.

We have Aukaseal (huh?) dealing with everything, Australia and India, we’re uniting the world.

Where to begin? Currently, China is flying spy balloons over the United States in what seems an awful lot like a dry-run to deliver EMP munitions. In response, Biden has done absolutely nothing but insult the intelligence of normal Americans. He’s refused to shoot it down, making ridiculous excuses as the Chinese continue to call his bluff. And he’s got the nerve to go out and brag about how he’s uniting the world?

Uniting the world in what way? Russia is still invading Europe right now. China is as aggressive as it has been in decades. And since he mentioned the country, Australia has been a dystopian hell-hole since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Europe remains a disjointed continent in decline led by free-loading Eurotrash who believe they can control the weather.

Meanwhile, on the borders of the United States, Canada is turning into a caricature of 1984 and Mexico is a drug-cartel-plagued nightmare. If this is what unifying the world looks like, I’d kindly ask that Biden do a whole lot less of it.

The notion of “unity” is also overrated in foreign affairs. If I give ten crack addicts a month’s worth of drugs, they’d unite with me. That doesn’t mean I’m doing something good. Many of the nations we’ve “improved” relations with under the Biden administration are simply happy we are bending the knee again.

I mean, watch that video again. Does anyone think Joe Biden is actually uniting anyone? I’m not even sure he can unite his shoelaces at this point. Our enemies don’t fear us and our allies take advantage of us. That’s not unity. It’s being a sucker.


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