The Press Kicks Off a New Year of Distemper With January 6 Misinformation

Unable to let go of the issue most have walked away from, our journalists prove they are only getting worse regarding January 6.

Much like our own Susie Moore, it was well into Friday evening when I had to be reminded of the second anniversary of The Non-Insurrection Heard ‘Round the Journalism World. That few people, beyond the opportunistic politicians and desperate journalists, cared much about the “significance” of this date of remembrance shows the damage that is inherent in the press industry. As I mentioned in the recent Lie-Able Sources Podcast episode, our press complex has become completely compromised by not only the content of The Twitter Files but also by the collective reaction. 2023 is shaping up to be a year of grave changes for that industry.

The January 6 committee has been reduced to a neutered body of partisan hackery that has accomplished none of its goals. Polls show a constantly dwindling interest in the general public on the matter. As we have seen on display, the press’s insistence is more than telling us the import of the events that day; we see a perpetual practice of overselling reality in order to keep the story alive and maintain an accusatory narrative.

Throughout Friday’s commemorative coverage lies and misinformation prevailed. Jake Tapper continued to deliver the common refrain on CNN that the Capitol riot nearly ended democracy as we know it.

If there was such a thing as objectivity in the media circles we would see numerous questions emerging from the past couple of years. The slanted composite of the committee would be just the start, and then you have the months of kangaroo court shenanigans that displayed a blatantly unserious process. Their actions, tepid findings, and shifting goals would be cause for investigative concern from anyone interested in finding the truth.

Instead, all we have seen is constant cheerleading regarding the J-6 committee’s activity. When it had “explosive” findings or dramatic testimony those items received flood-the-zone reporting. Later, as those same items ended up as vacant details, there was no corresponding coverage.

When there was a claimed seven-and-a-half-hour gap in the White House phone logs it led to an explosion of “Bigger Than Watergate” headlines. When the “missing” hours were located days later it led to a shrug. Fox News hosts texting Mark Meadows was said to be proof of collusion for the insurrection until the actual content of the messages showed them calling to bring an end to the attack. Cassidy Hutchinson was a celebrity for about a week, but then the reality that she never actually witnessed anything was a problem. The fact that the committee never called in the Secret Service to get their testimony should have disqualified much of this alleged investigation. The press? Not so concerned with this departure from investigatory norms.

The press shows that facts are of little concern to perpetuate an ongoing narrative. Reporting on the ceremony held by the White House, Bloomberg correspondent Akayla Gardner felt comfortable repeating lies about that fateful day long-proven false.

One of the pejoratives thrown at the press is that they are “Democratic Party stenographers”. Here Gardner works to prove this maxim accurate, as she simply repeated the same lie as it is delivered by the Jose Biden administration. This is a White House correspondent from a major news outlet with no curiosity, and no indication of diligence toward journalism. It is just Blather-Convince-Repeat.

And on this same subject, we get to play another round of “Where Are the Fact-checkers Today?” Not surprisingly, President Biden was no less effusive with the supposed venal misinformation as he was paying his remembrances of the Capitol riot. During his speech he highlighted an officer struck down by the treasonous horde.

“Three months after January 6th while they were still cordoning off the Capitol because of threats by the sick insurrectionists continued to profligate on the internet. Again all of America saw what happened, when officer Evans was killed defending a checkpoint you had to go through to get up to the Capitol, because of these godawful sick threats.”

The President was referencing Capital Police Officer William Evans, struck down by Noah Greene who rammed into the officers in April of 2021 at a barricade location in D.C. Green was shot when he left his car and attempted to attack another officer with a knife. Greene was not an “insurrectionist” by Biden’s description but was a devoted follower of the Nation of Islam and carried out his attack as part of his end-of-times scenario.

The press is not all too interested in correcting the President on this matter, as it fits in with the overarching narratives about January 6 – narratives the press is all too happy to present, in contrast to the facts. That these are journalists vacating their core job description is the amusement in all of this. Those who lecture us on the dangers of misinformation are clearly uninterested in the facts regarding the very day they are intent on elevating to holiday importance. Just like the neutered January 6 Committee, it displays just how vacuous all the hype has been over the past two years.

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