Speaker McCarthy Commits to Action We’ve Been Waiting For

As we reported earlier, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca) finally won the Speaker of the House vote on the 15th ballot.

The rules vote is supposed to follow on Monday.

McCarthy was sworn in Friday evening and then delivered remarks, confirming some of the actions he and the Republicans would be committing to.

McCarthy said the first item on their agenda would be getting rid of the “87,000 new IRS agents.”

That’s an incredibly popular move to take, but he wasn’t done with that. He promised some other items that were of paramount importance to Americans, including what Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) announced earlier about a “Church Committee” to look into how the FBI and the intel agencies have been “weaponized” for political purposes.

“Speaking of committees, we will hold the swamp accountable, from the withdrawal of Afghanistan, to the origins of Covid and to the weaponization of the FBI. Let me be very clear. We will use the power of the purse and the power of the subpoena to get the job done.”

Those also are things that people have wanted to hear for a long time. That’s what winning the House should be about — finally holding Biden and the swamp accountable on all these things that have so hurt the American people. If he has Massie involved in the “Church Committee” and Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep. James Comer on House Oversight, those are folks who have already committed personally to getting action on these committees.

They’re going to have to do a lot. The American people are tired, they’ve seen the same old, same old for a long time now and a lot of investigations without results. They want action now. They want to hold Biden and the Democrats accountable and they’re not just going to stand for the status quo. They’re not feeling confident that they’re going to get the change they voted for after being disappointed for so long. McCarthy needs to follow through on all he has promised and more.

There was one thing that with all this drama over the vote we didn’t get to fully celebrate and now can.

Pelosi has now officially been fired.

Let’s move on to accountability time now.

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