Virgin Islands AG Fired After Filing Lawsuit Against JPMorgan Chase, Attacking Their Relationship With Epstein

We reported last week how the Attorney General of the Virgin Islands Denise George filed a massive lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase in New York accusing the bank of ‘knowingly providing and pulling the levers through which [Epstein’s] recruiters and victims were paid.’ “Epstein Island,” more formally known as Little St. James Island is part of the U.S.V.I.

The lawsuit maintained that “human trafficking was the principal business of the accounts that Epstein maintained at JPMorgan.”

Epstein first became a client at Chase in 1998. There have been numerous reports since his death that the bank’s executives sought to keep Epstein as a client due to his connections with some of the richest people in the world. [….]

AG George said that the suit was part of an ‘outgoing effort’ to bring accountability to those who helped facilitate Epstein’s actions.

The complaint goes on to accuse Chase of concealing ‘wire and cash transactions that raised suspicion of a criminal enterprise whose currency was the sexual servitude’ of young girls.

The bank kept Epstein as a client even after he pled guilty to “procuring for prostitution a girl below age 18” in 2008. They didn’t cut ties with Epstein until 2013, long after a lot of issues with Epstein had become public.

But then came stunning news on Monday that the Attorney General had been fired by the Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Albert Bryan, Jr. The governor’s spokesperson is refusing to say why she was fired, ‘I am not at liberty to discuss details on personnel matters.’ Reports suggested that Bryan was already unhappy with George, and this pushed him over the edge. Sources also suggested that she hadn’t told him she would file the case. George had served in the position for four years. It’s not clear what this means for the case filed against JP Morgan. But if Bryan thought that firing her was going to be simple or close the matter, that was a bad move, as now it’s raising all kinds of questions. Their failure to explain things is only making it worse and making people wonder if this was an effort to stop the lawsuit. People had hoped that the filing of the case might finally expose the client list that we know is out there, but for some reason, no one has managed to leak it yet.

Coincidentally, on the same day that George filed the lawsuit, Joe Biden flew down to the Virgin Islands, to St. Croix, for vacation. He didn’t leave until Monday, the same day that it was announced the AG had been fired.

People couldn’t help but think of that instance where Joe Biden got the Ukrainian prosecutor fired who had raided the home of a Burisma official, given the coincidence. Some were asking the question if Biden had met with Bryan or been involved in any way in the firing. As yet, there’s nothing concrete beyond the coincidence of him being on the island to support such a theory, but it’s certainly concerning that the AG files such a significant action, is fired and no one wants to talk about the why.

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