Walmart Threatens to Close Stores Over Democrats’ Woke Shoplifting Policies

America is continuing its slow decline into Third World dump status, thanks to an unwillingness of the American people and Congress to stand up to George Soros. The reclusive billionaire’s bought-and-paid-for District Attorneys in major cities are wrecking the country. Soros DAs refuse to prosecute what they describe as “petty crime,” and this philosophy is turning our cities into dystopian nightmares.

Walmart is now warning that it will either have to start raising prices or closing stores in some of the country’s most crime-ridden locations.

Walmart CEO Doug McMillan has finally admitted that theft in major cities is now a catastrophic factor in trying to do business. Although he did not admit to exact figures, we know that the amount of shoplifting thanks to lax prosecutorial policies is costing the company billions of dollars annually. Forbes has estimated that Walmart’s losses due to theft are in the neighborhood of $3 billion per year. This has been consistent since drug addict and dangerous career criminal George Floyd OD’d on fentanyl while in police custody in 2020.

McMillan appeared on CNBC this past week and announced that if “woke” prosecutors don’t amend their “protect all shoplifters” policies, the giant retailer will likely start shutting stores down. This is obviously unsustainable if the largest chain store in America is losing billions of dollars per year. Walmart’s closest rival, Target, is in a similar boat. That company’s CEO admitted last month that it is losing $400 million per year because of shoplifting flash mobs.

It’s not just the losses from stolen goods that these companies are facing because of Soros’ lazy prosecutors. These woke pro-shoplifting policies drive regular customers away from stores.

In Southern California, Walmart stores no have to lock up virtually all their merchandise to prevent it from being stolen by a horde of black gang members that the media will euphemistically refer to as “youths.” Have you shopped in a SoCal Walmart lately? It’s like a slice of hell on earth.
Virtually every item on every shelf is now locked inside a plexiglass case. If you want to get a tube of toothpaste, you have to push a button on the outside of the case. Then, you have to wait for a harried clerk to come over with the key and unlock the case. You don’t get to actually take the toothpaste with you, however.

Now, you get treated like you’re the thief. The clerk will let you know which check stand your toothpaste will be waiting at, and they take it there for you. Heaven help you if you need to shop for two items and they get sent to two different check stands. You’re going to be waiting in line for a long time. Even after you pay for your items, you’ll be stopped again as you walk out of the store so the staff can check your items and your receipt.

It’s hell on earth if you plan to do any major shopping for multiple items. Why bother? You’ll pay more for toothpaste at Target or some other store, but at least you’ll be less humiliated.

You can’t entirely blame the Walmart stores, though. Their hands are tied. So long as a thief doesn’t snatch more than $900, store clerks and security staff are prohibited from trying to stop them. Police won’t even show up to investigate if the theft is less than $900 in merchandise. This also increases the homeless population. It’s impossible for a hobo to starve in Southern California because they can just steal whatever groceries and beer they need on a day-to-day basis. This is wrecking the country.

Maybe people will start to wake up when their favorite stores start vanishing because of rampant crime. Hopefully, they’ll start voting these woke prosecutors out of office before it’s too late.

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