Elon Posts Troubling Poll Asking If He Should Step Down as Head of Twitter

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, there has been a lot of movement toward free speech on the platform. It’s still not perfect and there are a lot of questions still as new rules like cross-promoting of other social media platforms on the platform evolve. But it’s lightyears ahead of the liberal bastion it had been, suppressing people for opinions that the liberal bosses didn’t like. There has also been a lot of humor and transparency brought into the process with Musk in charge, with a lot of soliciting of the opinion of the public.

However, Elon Musk had a poll on Sunday that thrilled the left and concerned some on the right. The poll asked if he should step down as head of Twitter.

Musk said that he would abide by the decision of the poll. Right now, the “step down” is winning. The left is probably employing bots to bomb the poll.

What’s funny is that people on the left are passing the poll around and encouraging people to vote “yes” as though that would get rid of Musk. But as with everything else, they fail to properly assess the situation, that’s why they’re on the left. He’s not saying he’s going to sell Twitter and go away. He may also be using this poll to flush out the leftist bots, which would be a great service if he’s able to do that.

Many read it like he’s going to put in place the CEO he said he would after he made the purchase. He never said he was going to personally run the site. I think he should stay on if he wants it to run as he wants it to be run. I’m not sure if a new CEO is going to be as receptive and that’s the question I think a lot of the folks on the right would have. He gets a lot of the issues that not everyone would necessarily be up to speed on. But on the other hand, if he takes more of a back seat, he doesn’t have to deal with the daily things and can just concentrate on the bigger policy issues. He becomes less of a personal leftist hate object if he’s not making the day-to-day decisions.

Speculation was underway with some of the takes including President Donald Trump and Jared Kushner because Musk was seen with Kushner at the World Cup on Sunday. But he didn’t arrive with him, they came separately and they just happened to be sitting in the same box.

But he posted “be careful what you wish for” and in response to speculation about him picking a CEO, that there was “no successor.”

So we’ll have to see what all this means. The end of the poll is Monday, early morning. But I hope it doesn’t mean he’s decided to pack it in.

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