NY Wants To Follow CA and Start Handing Out Reparations Despite Not Being Able To Pay for Basic Infrastructure

Throughout the years, New York has been nipping at the heels of California like an annoying little brother, even though they are the older state. The Democrat’s persistent chase for the minority vote is always at the top of the list of similarities, and now NY is trying to follow California’s lead in terms of reparations.

First announced back in 2019, the measure to offer reparations to the descendants of slaves failed to pass the legislature, but lawmakers expect a different outcome this time around. With the bar being set by California at $569 billion in reparations, that works out to $224,200 per person. The state is justifying the money based upon what many consider to be unfair housing practices that the state still has in existence.

Assemblywomen Michaelle Solages (D-Nassau) who is chairwoman of the New York Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Legislative Caucus, and Taylor Darling (D-Nassau) believe this is an all-but-done deal with Gov. Kathy Hochul winning reelection.

Darling considers the figure CA is looking to pay residents as too low. She believes that they built this country and are now paying for it. She fails to recognize the struggles of other groups of people, and others who were also enslaved. Like many other Democrats, she only sees race and how to get votes/money out of people. There is no consideration for the common good of the state and the people.

The one saving grace for this horrifically shortsighted campaign is that Gov. Hochul recently vetoed 39 measures to create task forces and commissions. This included one that would have focused solely on fighting fentanyl abuse. This of course raises many questions about why she vetoed them, but it opens the door to conversations about it, and could potentially reveal just how big of a leftist she is. So far, she has been more middle of the road than the man she replaced Andrew Cuomo.

For their part in the fight, the Republicans have been on the intelligent side of the issue. Even former Republican Governor George Pataki has spoken out about the idea. He raised the simple question everyone else has objectively wondered about themselves; is this legal? With it being based solely on race, the use of determining someone’s ability to get paid based on race could open the door to a massive lawsuit.

Sen. George Borrello (R-Jamestown) pointed out that his descendants, as well as other New Yorkers of more recent generations, are not responsible for slavery. He also pointed out that NY was one of the first to abolish it. “It’s nothing but a taxpayer-funded giveaway to buy more votes for Democrats. Slavery was evil. We fought a bloody war to end it. We need to focus more on everyone having an opportunity.”

He’s right too. NY has been losing industries and businesses to more tax-friendly states, and the area of NY Borrello represents is especially impacted by the horrific taxes Albany has been imposing on the state. In his district, should reparations become reality he could see the entire area die off simply due to the increase in taxes and the horrible inflation the area would suffer.

Andy Goodell (R-Jamestown) raised some interesting points of his own. “It avoids the thorny issues, such as how to determine if a person is actually related to a former slave, how much should be paid, whether payment is pro-rated based on percent related to a slave, whether those who came to the US decades later should pay, etc.”

So far, if approved the study would focus on five key areas for reparations. “Direct compensation; restitution of a victims’ rights and property; psychological or mental health rehabilitation; reforming laws to prevent or stop discrimination and a government apology or acknowledgment of guilt for the sin of slavery.

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