DeSantis Reveals His Next Fight in the COVID-19 Vaccine Battle, and It’s a Big One

Millions of people lost their livelihoods and suffered financial harm over the last several years due to pointless COVID-19 vaccination requirements. Finally, at least one conservative is looking to stand up and do something about it, and it’ll be no shock that Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida leading the way.

DeSantis announced on Saturday that he’s joining forces with Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo to go after mRNA vaccine manufacturers such as Pfizer for misleading about the efficacy of their vaccines, leading to overbearing, needless public mandates.

DeSantis has long been a trend-setter in fighting big cultural battles, from Critical Race Theory to COVID-19 mandates, and there is no doubt the fight over the coronavirus long ago left the scientific arena and entered into a cult-like state for many Americans. You’ve still got people who swear by mask-wearing despite it being so obviously ineffective.

But it was the state and federal vaccine mandates that did the most damage. Manufacturers of the shots in collusion with the CDC and the White House insisted that their products slowed the spread of COVID-19. That falsehood was used as the entire basis for the public coercion that created great financial harm to individuals. Those people have never been made whole, and some entities like the US Military continue to cling to their useless mandates to this day.

Back in October, an executive at Pfizer finally admitted that the company had never tested the vaccine efficacy at stopping the spread. Still, they joined with governments around the world to allege that unvaccinated individuals were putting others at risk. President Joe Biden infamously gave a speech defending his failed OSHA vaccine mandate in which he all but called for the outright persecution of the unvaccinated, accusing them of harming their co-workers.

We haven’t forgotten about that, and neither has DeSantis, who has shown a penchant for handling these kinds of issues with expert precision. If the Florida governor is saying he’s going to go after these manufacturers, then you can rest assured that he’s got a plan in place to do so successfully. It’s just not his style to shoot from the hip and not back it up.

This fight isn’t about being against pharmaceutical companies. Obviously, their products save a lot of lives, and I’m thankful for American ingenuity in that area. But what happened with the COVID-19 vaccines was something different. These massive corporations joined hands with the government via “Operation Warp Speed” to secure billions in profits without having to stand behind their products and statements at all. That’s just not how things should work. These companies should be held accountable for misleading Americans and profiting from the mandates they supported.

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