Lightfoot’s Chicago Continues to Be a Danger

The word “impeachment” gets thrown around a lot. Many tried to impeach Donald Trump. And now that the GOP is in the House majority, the word is getting thrown around a bit more for not only Biden and Harris but for other members of the Biden administration, too.

Mayors are not immune to being impeached. If they fail to do their job, it is possible to have them removed from office.

There’s an entire recall process – and it’s something that the people of Chicago really need to start looking into. It’s clear that Lori Lightfoot is completely clueless about how to run a city. Each and every week, the city is making national headlines because there have been shootings.
Want a peek at just how poorly she’s doing?

Typically, you hear about three or four people being shot in the city. It’s a lot, but not a LOT.

However, there were 19 people shot this past weekend – and four of them died from those shots. That’s a LOT of people – and it’s time that the people of Chicago stop dying.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that people were killed at a “gathering.” It wasn’t an accidental shooting. Clearly, there was more than just a bit of an argument considering the people were shot in the head.

Another incident involves a man found lying on the ground, dead, with multiple gunshot wounds.

Another involved a 60-year-old man being shot inside a residence.

The list goes on and on.

A database kept by the Chicago Sun-Times shows that 630 people have been killed in The Windy City from January 1 to November 26 of this year.

Obviously, Lightfoot isn’t getting the job done.

If this were a Republican-led city, the mayor would have been booted already.

So, why is it that the left isn’t doing something about Lightfoot? How many more people have to die in the city before the word “impeachment” is shouted by the masses?

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