WATCH: Kanye Freaks Out and Storms Off ‘Timcast’ After Being Pressed on His Recent Behavior

Kanye West (or Ye?) is continuing his very public mental breakdown because there’s apparently no one around him to tell him he needs help. In fact, those around him, namely infamous anti-Semites Milo Yiannopoulos and Nick Fuentes, are pushing the rapper further over the cliff.

Given that, the worst thing Kanye could be doing right now is to continue to appear in public, but that’s exactly what he’s been doing. On Monday, he appeared on “Timcast,” the popular podcast hosted by Tim Pool. What followed was chaos as Kanye angrily stormed off the set and out of the building following questions about his recent erratic behavior.

I’m obviously not a famous person with unimaginable wealth, but I’m pretty sure if you are going to spew anti-Semitic garbage, you should probably be prepared to defend it. Instead, Kanye freaks out over a Pool asking him a basic question as if his honor was been violated. It’s a legitimately sad scene because you know he’s simply not mentally well, and it’s always disturbing to watch someone slam the gas down as they careen towards an even worse mental break.

And for my money, that circumstance really reveals who the worst villains here are. Kanye is a sick man. He’s been diagnosed with mental illness (he’s bipolar, among other things), and he’s now being led around by two rabid anti-Semites and racists. That’s not to say Kanye isn’t ultimately responsible for his own statements. He is, and he’s paying a price for them both financially and to his reputation, which will never recover at this point.

Still, what Yiannopoulos and Fuentes are doing in taking advantage of that is grotesque. These are grifters latching onto a disturbed man, pushing him further into insanity in order to garner some private jet flights and cheap notoriety. Yiannopoulos is actually Kanye’s “campaign manager” for his 2024 presidential run, whatever that even means. Does Kanye strike you as someone healthy enough to be running for president? A decent person would tell him the truth in this situation, not embolden him, but here we are.

This entire thing is getting more and more out of control. What’s Kanye going to say next? What’s he going to do next? The man clearly needs help and a lot of it. He needs his family, not white nationalist grifters. I pray that he realizes that sooner rather than later because this is headed to some dark places.

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