Big Update in Lauren Boebert’s Race After the Democrat Gains More Votes

Apparently, counting votes in Colorado’s 3rd district is a monumental task. No, it’s not heavily populated, and no, there’s no special about its geography. That doesn’t matter, though. We are all assured that it’s impossible to have all the votes counted within a week after election day because of reasons.

With that said, there’s a big update in the race. Democrat Adam Frisch has halved Republican incumbent Lauren Boebert’s lead during the “curing” period and there will now be a recount.

As I’ve said before, the idea of having a “curing” period is insane. It takes the electoral process and turns it into a competition of who can get the most people to come back and “fix” their ballot. That means it’s all about who has the most money and most union connections. It’s anti-democratic nonsense that turns election day into election month.

That appears to be what helped Frisch close the gap, and now, because of that, we’ll have to wait even longer for an official winner to be named. It’s inexplicable that any state in the country would have a system set up like this, yet mail-in voting has become more popular, and ballot “curing” more prevalent.

Now, is it likely that Boebert loses? No, it would be pretty rare (to the point of almost never happening) for a recount to make up a gap of over 500 votes. But if that happens, after this cluster of an election in Colorado, you can expect Republicans to go ballistic. The feeling that these late counting processes in these blue states are rigged is already prevalent, and to see yet another lead slip away due to something as sketchy as “curing” and a recount would set off a nuclear bomb in the political sphere.

With that said, this never should have been close because this is an R+7 district, and Boebert is in need of some tough love. Does she want to be a Trump sycophant vying for national fame, or does she want to actually retain her place in government so she remains relevant? Because if she keeps on her current path, she’s going to lose the next time around, and that will be the end of her political career.

Boebert needs to reset and start focusing a lot more on her district. She has to show them she is in Washington for them and not just to please the MAGA movement. That’s not a judgment on the MAGA movement itself, whatever one may think of it in 2022. Rather, it is a realization that nothing kills a politician faster than their own constituents feeling abandoned.

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