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Conservatives Need to Stop Embracing Surrender

There has been a troubling trend I’ve noticed on the right over the past few years. Many right-leaning influencers have taken to encouraging Republicans and conservatives to flee blue states and cities, and move to red areas of the country.

It seems the calls for leaving blue cities might be growing louder. In fact, these arguments come at a time when millions of Americans are leaving blue states like New York and California, and relocating to Texas and Florida.

Indeed, I’m one of them.

I moved to Austin, Texas, from southern California, where I was born and raised, before it became “fashionable” to do so. It wasn’t a political decision, per se; I moved with the company for which I worked at the time. But for many, there is far more opportunity in more conservative areas of the country – and they tend to be more free than the states from which they are moving.

Robby Starbuck, a filmmaker, political commentator, and former congressional candidate, is one of several influencers suggesting Republicans should abandon blue states:

I’m not joking when I say we should 100% abandon hard blue congressional districts inside of hard blue states like NY and CA. These districts are never going to flip. Don’t fool yourself. Move, have a better life and make your vote + activism count in a swing district or state.

I have to respectfully disagree. This approach will only lead to more leftist control and would be disastrous for the rest of the nation. I am not convinced that encouraging all or most conservatives to flee from blue states, or suggesting that the GOP should abandon these areas is the wisest course of action-when you consider the overall culture/political war going on at the moment.

My position is that when it comes to the war against progressivism, the conservative movement and Republican Party needs to be more Winston Churchill and less Neville Chamberlain. Fleeing blue states might sound like a sensible solution in the short term. But it is only delaying the inevitable.

Ceding blue areas of the country to the left will only grant them more power, and make it easier for them to infiltrate and expand in red areas of the country. If they are in a position where they don’t have to fend off attacks in their territory, it frees them up to focus outward. Being in constant retreat is not a viable, long-term strategy.

It is essential that we realize the left has not adopted this defeatist mentality. They are not afraid to venture into enemy territory and start making inroads, nor do they shy away from pushing the progressive agenda in conservative areas.

I’ll prove it.

How many reports of drag queen shows for kids have we seen just in 2022? Do you remember the state most of these reports came from? Check out these stories for a hint:

Steven Crowder’s Undercover Crew Discovered the Truth About the ‘Child Friendly’ Roanoke Drag Show

Shocking Videos of Drag Event Show Kids Inside Texas Gay Bar

Should States Ban Drag Shows for Kids?

That’s right. Many – if not most – of these stories took place in the red state of Texas. Florida has also seen its fair share of these shows as well.

But it is not only about drag shows. All over the Lone Star State, school districts are advancing far-leftist ideas on race, sexuality, and gender identity to small children. They are carrying sexually inappropriate books in libraries.

The malfeasance going on in schools is just one example. Democrats are also trying to make progress politically, in Texas and other red states. Beto O’Rourke was soundly thrashed in the gubernatorial election, but we should not forget that I almost had to start calling him my senator in 2018, when he came close to unseating Sen. Ted Cruz.

If conservatives remain perpetually on the defense, they will eventually lose their territory. To where are folks like us supposed to flee, when progressives eventually turn Texas and other red states blue?

I’m not saying that people should sacrifice their families if they are suffering from progressive policies. Not everyone is in a position where they can afford to stay in these areas. But those who are able and willing to stay and fight should not be discouraged from doing so. Moreover, the Republican Party should be intensifying its efforts to affect change in these places.

I would submit to you, dear reader, that a better course of action would be to fight back. Make Democrats defend their territory instead of allowing them to continue their invasion of conservative areas of the country. Instead of encouraging our folks to run away with their tails tucked between their legs, the Republican Party and conservative movement needs to get more aggressive about reaching people that they typically don’t reach.

We do have an opportunity here. Many Americans are becoming disenchanted with the Democratic Party – including black and Latino Americans. The midterm election results clearly show that the left is starting to lose support from these demographics, who make up a sizeable chunk of the population in blue parts of the country. Now, more than ever, Republicans need to stop running and start advancing. Otherwise, it will only be a matter of time before Democrats turn our states deep blue.

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  1. The fact remains we have too many politicians only interested in themselves and NOT their constituents. Representation IS NOT in their vocabulary anymore which started long ago when congress took over paying them instead of the states they represent AND took away a states right to recall a rep who didn’t perform up to state standards so they’re not accountable to those they represent.

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