1,000 Page Report By GOP Judiciary Committee Staff Documents the Cultural Rot and Political Activism in the FBI

The Republican staff of the House Judiciary Committee has produced a 1,050-page report detailing allegations of political meddling at the highest levels of the FBI.

The report, titled “FBI Whistleblowers: What Their Disclosures Indicate About the Politicization of the FBI And Justice Department,” documents a culture and leadership climate where lack of accountability and disregard for the rule of law are the coin of the realm.

In the report, we see how the FBI has been turned into an instrument of partisan combat by targeting political opponents and even private citizens who challenge progressive priorities (for instance, FBI Arrests and Charges 87-Year-Old Concentration Camp Survivor Who Protested at Abortion Clinic). It also shows how FBI resources have been used to create a Potemkin threat called “domestic violent extremism,” that only exists if you make it up, Scandalous: Biden Reportedly Pressuring FBI Agents to ‘Find’ Cases That Push ‘Domestic Extremism’ Talking Points.

The minority staff of the House Judiciary Committee describes the report this way.

This report is the first comprehensive accounting of the FBI’s problems to date, which undermine the FBI’s fundamental law-enforcement mission. The report primarily concerns FBI abuses due to the experiences and roles of whistleblowers but also examines the actions of the Justice Department were appropriate for context and explanation.

Key takeaways from the report include:

  1. The FBI leadership abusing its law-enforcement authority for political reasons.
  2. The FBI artificially inflating and manipulating domestic violent extremism statistics for political purposes.
  3. The FBI downplaying and reducing the spread of the serious allegations of wrongdoing leveled against Hunter Biden.
  4. The Justice Department and FBI using counterterrorism resources to target parents resisting a far-left educational curriculum.
  5. The FBI abusing its foreign surveillance authorities.
  6. The Justice Department and FBI conducting an unprecedented raid on a former president’s home.
  7. The FBI stalking a Republican Congressman on a family vacation to seize his personal cell phone.
  8. The Justice Department and the FBI continuing to allow attacks on pro-life facilities and churches to go unabated, while pushing an anti-life agenda.
  9. The FBI conducting an “intelligence” assessment of a conservative charity under the guise of investigating unrelated alleged crimes.
  10. The FBI purging employees who refuse to align themselves with the leadership’s political ideology.
  11. The FBI helping Big Tech to censor Americans’ political speech.

The left is already belittling the report. This is a good thing because it shows progress — “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

This report is important for one huge reason; it is a warning to rank-and-file FBI agents and staff about what comes next. In January, Jim Jordan (if things hold constant) will take up the gavel as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Then, fat Jerry will go back to defecating on himself as a pastime.

For the next two years, the FBI will be on the Paul Pelosi, I mean, receiving end of non-stop investigations. There won’t be anyone to make the pain stop. The end result is that the next Republican president will have a detailed hit list of people to fire or force into retirement when he arrives in office. At a minimum, it tells other agents what subjects the committee will investigate first and encourages those who have been thinking about doing the right thing and upholding their oath to preserve and defend the Constitution to do just that.


House Judiciary Committee Report on FBI Whistleblowers by streiff on Scribd

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