Biden Accuses AZ Governor of Trespassing for Plugging Border Wall Holes

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has been plugging empty holes in the border wall with shipping containers. The containers are double-stacked and topped with flesh-ripping razor wire. Ducey has thus far plugged about 1,280 feet of open border wall spaces to keep Joe Biden’s hordes of illegal aliens from crossing there. The containers are actually more attractive than the regular border wall, too, since they’re in nice fall colors! The Biden regime, which says that it has full operational control of our southern border, is enraged by Ducey’s actions. Team Biden is going so far as to accuse the Arizona governor of “trespass on federal lands.”

Most people don’t realize it, but Americans have been asking the federal government for a wall on the US-Mexico border since 1916. That was the year that Pancho Villa led more than 400 bandits into the New Mexico town of Columbus and started shooting American civilians. Ten unarmed Americans were killed, including a pregnant woman and her unborn baby. Nearby US Army troops hastily assembled a couple of machinegun nests and mowed down as many as 170 of Villa’s bandits before the rest of them fled.

(Note to politicians: Heavy machine gun fire seems to work as a deterrent to illegal alien invaders. Just sayin’.)

The American people were outraged that our border had been breached and our fellow citizens had been murdered by a horde of illegal aliens. 1916 was the first year that the American people started calling for a wall on our southern border. Here we are 106 years later, and Congress and the Democrat Party and many Republican enablers are still ignoring the will of the people. The southern border has never been so wide-open as it is right now.

Doug Ducey plugging the gaps in the federal border wall in Arizona is pretty mild compared to the solution that some Americans would like to see. A moat filled with hungry alligators comes to mind. But the Biden regime is absolutely furious at this mild, sensible solution to turn away some of the millions of invaders who are coming.

Let’s not kid ourselves about this too much, either. Ducey’s shipping containers make a good photo op, but the illegals then just walk to the nearest gate and turn themselves over to the Border Patrol, and Biden lets them in any way, no questions asked.

Ducey plans to plug an additional 10-mile section of the border near Yuma with shipping containers. But the Biden regime is now fighting to stop Ducey, and to force Arizona to take down the shipping containers that are already in place.

The Bureau of Reclamation sent a letter to the Ducey administration in Arizona stating:

The unauthorized placement of those containers constitutes a violation of federal law and is a trespass against the United States. That trespass is harming federal lands and resources and impeding Reclamation’s ability to perform its mission.”

A trespass against the United States? That’s bordering on threatening Arizona with a Civil War-style action, for simply closing off empty border wall sections.

And why shouldn’t Arizonans be allowed to do that? So what if the shipping containers are on federal lands?

It’s not as if the federal government has to live with the consequences of the 5.5 million illegal aliens they’ve let into the country in the last two years. That’s Arizona’s problem! As soon as they’ve crossed the wide-open federal border, towns and cities in Arizona are forced to provide welfare and other services to these people who A) don’t speak English and often can’t even write in the native language, and B) have no marketable job skills that are needed in the United States. These invaders are cradle-to-grave welfare leeches that the Arizona taxpayers have to take care of FOREVER.

What’s Joe Biden planning to do next? Arrest Doug Ducey for “trespassing” and lock him up forever like the January 6ers? Try it, Joe Biden. We dare you.

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