Latest ‘Liberal’ Move Against Elon May Just Be Funniest and Dumbest Thing Yet

Elon Musk is already bringing some changes to Twitter including asking questions about the Paul Pelosi case and challenging Hillary Clinton’s lies. He’s also cleaning house — firing the dead wood at the top as well as cutting some of the other employees. digging into conservative complaints about shadow banning and censorship.

The meltdown by the left has been sweet, with folks like Jimmy Kimmel losing his mind and calling Musk “a well-formed piece of sh*t.”

What are they upset about? Musk hasn’t promised to ban people or toss them off the site. Quite the opposite. His crime? He wants free speech and he’s shown he’s willing to hang in there against the odds to try to achieve it, despite all the slings and arrows being shot against him by the left. He wants to have Twitter be a platform and not an arbiter of a narrative to push out. The left is upset that they no longer have complete control of the narrative, and that’s their issue.

But I’d have to say the reaction of Sirius XM host Dean Obeidallah has to be right up there at the top of the delicious and dumb responses.

Elon tweeted messages he’d found so far. He alleged Twitter hid some things from him and the court during their legal battle over how many bots there were on the site.

Obeidallah responded that he was going to make a FOIA request for Musk’s application for U.S. citizenship and said if he lied anywhere on the application, “we will move to strip him of US citizenship.”

Now they can’t get the records unless he gives permission. Obeidallah knows this and figures that Elon wouldn’t give that permission. So then he can scream, “What is he hiding?” It’s an effort to do a “Harry Reid” move, as Reid did against Mitt Romney, claiming Romney hadn’t paid his taxes.

How desperate are you when you resort to nonsensical things like this?

These are the “liberal” people who are so intolerant that someone might disagree with them that they want to shut him up and boot him out of the country. Again, this is how they respond to the possibility of free speech. So can we talk about how anti-immigrant and fascist that truly is?

Obeidallah also got called out by a former FOIA officer.

What makes it funnier is that this guy was promoting nonsense about the GOP wanting to “ban” things, yet he’s effectively advocating for trying to “ban” Elon from the country because he disagrees with him.

So who are the real fascists here?

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