New Video Confirms Woke Mess Elon Musk Needs to Clean Up at Twitter

Elon Musk waltzed into Twitter headquarters on Wednesday, carrying a sink and reveling in his triumph at finally closing his deal to buy Twitter after months of drama.

Musk also changed his profile to say “Chief Twit,” showing that humor that is now likely to influence Twitter.

There were reports that Musk might ax up to 75 percent of the employees in an effort to make Twitter run more efficiently. That seems like a lot, but given how biased the site has been, they all probably should be re-evaluated, if the idea is that Twitter operates like the “town square” — Elon’s aim. He said that he wants the site to be “warm and welcoming to all.”

As we noted, the employees are flipping out and making demands of him before he even came in, showing how completely clueless they are as to real business. Ironically, they claimed that firing 75 percent of them would hurt the “public conversation” when they have been doing all they can to control the public conversation, suppressing facts and opinions that they don’t like.

What’s funny is opinions like this blue-check CEO Zack Kanter.

Um, Zack? It would be better for the site if they went if Musk truly wants to remake the site. Plus, this is no doubt like the threats of Democrats running to Canada if they lose in elections. They say it and then never do it, it’s all about whining.

One of the things Musk has to take on is what a mess the company is now, and how much money they have been throwing away with how badly they have been run. Talk about a liberal, cushy, privileged existence, that’s the life of Twitter employees. Check out this video that Libs of TikTok found and you can see what I’m talking about. No wonder their company is in economic trouble and the employees are disconnected from the lives of most Americans. This is something else — it borders on a spa, with yoga rooms, luxury food, and red wine on tap, with a rooftop game and relaxation area.

How much work did that employee do in the day? It didn’t sound like very much and I’m guessing almost any other American has a much tougher schedule than this, without the red wine or the cushy meals. They’re also getting paid very well for this plush existence, according to Entrepreneur.

In a recent analysis of visas given to H-1B workers in Q2 2022 from Insider, Twitter salaries listed ranged from $122,000 to $332,000, spanning roles from IT engineers to senior software engineers.

Musk had a conversation with some of the employees while he was there.

But there were still employees who think that they can be obnoxious to the boss because of the coddled existence they’ve had, as our friends at Twitchy found.

“Hey @elonmusk thanks for visiting @TwitterSF. Hope you enjoyed your coffee at The Perch! Just one question: was it fun to look at the faces of the people you said you’d be laying off?” Stephanie Guevara declared.

Here’s her profile, which says it all.

If that list in the Insider is accurate about salaries, she’s making in the range of $271,130 to $332,000 and she’s probably not going to make that kind of money elsewhere. But apparently, a big salary and a cushy job mean to her she can insult the boss. When she was told that she was likely treading on thin ice with that approach, she mouthed off and blocked people from being able to view her tweets.

It’s hilarious that a Twitter engineer thinks having a reliable employee that doesn’t insult you is “censoring” but booting people off Twitter is something to celebrate. It shows how truly twisted some of the folks there are.

Musk can’t clean house soon enough.

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